Why I wont sue King Kaka — Governor Anne Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru. [Photo/Standard Media]
Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has backtracked from her earlier decision to sue rapper King Kaka over defamation because of the Wajinga Nyinyi song.
The first-time governor said she will discontinue the quest because she feels King kaka is a confused young man seeking attention and being used by politicians.
In an official tweet, Waiguru said King Kaka is just a dog barking at the command of his owners, and she would not want to contend with his masters.
Netizens, however, took to social media to congratulate the governor for dropping the legal action threats and terming it a wise move.

Waiguru had earlier threatened to sue the singer because she claimed the mention of her name and the NYS scandal in the popular Wajinga Nyinyi song defamed her.

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