10 Most Followed Kenyan Celebrity Kids on Instagram

Meet Heaven Bahati and the most influential kids in Kenya.

Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika and AsiaBrown

10 Most Followed Kenyan Celebrity Kids on Instagram

It is a trend world over for famous and influential people to flaunt their kids on social media.

Loads of fans and followers often die to get a glimpse inside the lives of their favorite celebrities and kids are a huge attraction.

Several Kenyan celebrities have kept up with the tradition where they create Instagram accounts where pictures of their babies and toddlers are posted.

These are the most followed Kenyan celebrity kids on Instagram;

1. Heaven Bahati

    1. Heaven Bahati is the daughter of Kevin Bahati who is a top musician in Kenya.
    2. Married to musician Diana Marua, Bahati is currently in the spotlight as he seeks the Mathare MP seat.
    3. Clocking an impressive 679K followers on Instagram, Heaven is the most influential kid in Kenya.


Heaven and Diana Bahati. Picture/Instagram



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2. Ladashabelle Wambo

    1. At 430K, Ladashabelle is one of the most followed Kenyan kids on Instagram.
    2. Ladasha is the daughter of Linet Munyali (Size 8 Reborn) and Samuel Muraya (Dj Mo).
    3. The two are accomplished celebrity gospel artists and DJ respectively with a huge fanbase in Kenya.


The Muraya Family. Picture/Instagram


3. Naseeb Junior

    1. Naseeb Junior is the son of East Africa’s most famous Musician Diamond Platnumz.
    2. The Tanzanian star who goes by the alias “Simba” is a decorated musician with an international profile.
    3. Naseeb’s mother Tanasha Donna is a former radio presenter and is currently shaking the airwaves on the music scene.
    4. Naseeb Junior is named after his dad who is officially known as Nasibu Abdul Juma.
    5. At 223K followers on Instagram, Naseeb basks in a huge following largely attributed to his parent’s exploits.


Naseeb and his mother Tanasha. Picture/Instagram


4. Taji wa Jesus

    1. Taji wa Jesus is the son of Kabi wa Jesus and Milly wa Jesus.
    2. The parents are top vloggers and content creators in Kenya with a massive following on Instagram and YouTube.
    3. Taji wa Jesus, therefore, assumes a celebrity pedigree which explains his 193K followers on Instagram.


TajiwaJesus and Dad Kabi wa Jesus. Picture/Instagram


5. Morgan Bahati

    1. Morgan Bahati is the son of Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua.
    2. The celebrity couple adopted Morgan and made him part of the Bahatis.
    3. Morgan has 180K followers on Instagram, making him among the most followed Kenyan kids alongside his stepsisters Mueni and Heaven.

Morgan Bahati and Diana Marua. Picture/Instagram


6. Mueni Bahati

    1. Mueni is musician Kevin Bahati’s daughter whom he got in an earlier stint with Yvette Obura.
    2. Mueni has so far amassed 130K followers on Instagram.


Mueni and her mum. Picture/Instagram


7. Asia Brown

    1. Hardly 1 year old, Asia Brown is fronted as a record breaker in the celebrity kids realm.
    2. Asia is the daughter of top Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika and Musician Brown Mauzo.
    3. Asia Brown has already stacked up a solid 100K followers on Instagram.


Brown Mauzo, Vera Sidika and AsiaBrown. Picture/Instagram


8. Muraya Junior

    1. Muraya is the second-born child to DJ Mo and Size 8 Reborn and a younger brother to Ladasha Wambo.
    2. Muraya Junior is racing to catch up with his elder sister as his Instagram numbers now stand at slightly above 71K on Instagram.
    3. The parents are gospel music celebrities with a huge fanbase in Kenya.


The Muraya Family. Picture/Instagram



9. Gold Kristen Omondi

    1. Going by the handle @king_goldofficial Kristen is among the top followed celebrity kids in Kenya.
    2. Kristen is the son of the celebrated Kenyan gospel artist, Mr. Seed.
    3. Known for hits like PAPA GOD OOH! Mr. Seed is a close associate of fellow singer Bahati.
    4. Kristen is fast approaching 32K followers on Instagram.


Kristen with his Mum Nimo Gachuiri. Picture/Instagram


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10. Blessed Tugi

    1. Blessed Tugi is the son of Njugush and Wakavinye.
    2. The couple is prolific in content creation and brand influencing.
    3. While Tugi has a little footprint on Instagram, he is a force to reckon with on YouTube.
    4. His YouTube channel already has 140K subscribers, thanks to his famous dad on the videos.
Blessed Njugush and his son Tugi. Picture/Instagram