About Us

About Us

Get the latest global news updates in politics, business, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, sports and modern trends.

This portal was conceptualized to provide a step by step guide to tasks carried out by people in their day to day lives. The idea is to bring the information closer to the people in an aggregated, easily accessible portal.

It is worth noting that some of the information found here is also available in host/source websites. Unfortunately most of these sites are not properly optimized for search engines making them rank poorly on search results. This means that the information these websites hold cannot be found on search engines and therefore is of no value to the intended consumers.

It is with this back drop that howto.co.ke was born

Our Vision

To become the go-to destination for new, upcoming and existing tech innovations

Our Mission

To enable people achieve optimal productivity by leveraging new, upcoming and existing technologies.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values


Feel free to inquire, share your feedback, or engage in dialogue with us. We believe that this grows strong partnerships and enhances overall outcomes.


We respect the trust that our clients and partners place in us, and consistently work hard to exceed expectations.

Continious Learning

This not only keeps us dynamic and innovative but also ensures that we deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

Who we are

Who are we

We are a modern Kenyan digital media and news platform. Howto.co.ke’s dedicated team provides our audience not only with the highly relevant news but also with outstanding interactive experience. We achieve this by combining high-tech instruments with editorial expertise.

Why Choose Us

Fastest Turnaround Time

Experienced Team

Diverse Content

Seasoned Industy Experts

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