10 Best Male TikTokers in Kenya

We peek inside the exploits of Kenya's most followed male Tiktokers.

Moya David. Picture/Instagram

10 Best Male TikTokers in Kenya

TikTok is a video-sharing platform known for its short entertaining clips made by immense creative talents.

While TikTok is widely perceived as a female domain, male creatives have proved formidable in winning over the audience.

These are the five most followed Kenyan Male TikTok stars;

1. Moya David

    1. Moya David is the most followed Kenyan Tiktoker with more than 3 million followers.
    2. David overtook the de facto face of TikTok in Kenya Miss. Azziad Nasenya.
    3. The gentleman is heavily popular in his surprise dances.
    4. Following an elaborate script, different ladies appear on set seemingly having a quiet time seeping drinks.
    5. Moya then pops out of nowhere with his sleek dance moves, condemning his subject to gushing emotion and blushing.
    6. The background music is a romantic hit song (Mi Amor) done by musicians Jovial and Marioo.
    7. Moya has become so popular in his craft that husbands contract his services to surprise their wives.
    8. In these custom performances, David carries paraphernalia such as confetti, flowers, and a special message from the husband. He who pays the piper calls the tune, right?


Moya David. Picture/Instagram


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2. Official Kinuthia

    1. Kinuthia is one of the most intriguing characters on TikTok.
    2. Kinuthia is an unapologetic crossdresser who always sets himself on a lady’s character in his videos.
    3. Tagging himself as the “African Queen” Kinuthia has elicited strong reactions to his sexuality.
    4. Spotting a tattoo on the thigh, Kinuthia is seen clad in bikinis, booty shorts, and other ladies’ wear while dancing to the delight of his followers.
    5. His antics have so far been successful, earning him over 650K followers on TikTok.


Kevin Kinuthia. Picture/Instagram


3. MamaFathma

      1. MamaFathma is one of the most popular male TikTok stars in Kenya.
      2. MamaFathma has also borrowed from the crossdressing playbook, appearing onscreen with different female outfits.
      3. He favors deras which are free-flowing gowns popular with coastal ladies.
      4. Officially known as Idris Salim, the highly talented comedian mimics the coastal Swahili woman with the refined coastal Swahili.
      5. He has assembled a huge fan base on TikTok with his followers adding to over 600K.

4. Mr. Mbilimbili

    1. Mr. Mbilimbili is an interesting Kenyan comedian on TikTok.
    2. From a lecturer to a neighborhood bully boy, Mr. Mbilimbili uses multiple characters to entertain his audience.
    3. He is most prominent in his short dirty trousers, “crocs” and the badly positioned also dirty cap atop his head.
    4. For some, the small carrier bag hanging from his belt with Mugukaa (leaves chewed to elicit a stimulant effect) is his most striking appearance.
    5. Mr. Mbilimbili is a top male TikToker in Kenya with over 700K followers on Instagram.
Mr. Mbilimbili. Picture/Instagram


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5. Flaqoraz

    1. Erastus Ayieko Otieno alias Flaqo is one of the finest content creators in Kenya.
    2. He is famed for character dynamism. Kenyans know him in the following character;
        1. Mama Otis
        2. Baba Otis
        3. Otis
        4. Akoth (Otis’s twin sister) and several other characters.
    3. His rib-cracking videos are often fast-paced confrontations between kids and parents which end up in hot slaps.
    4. He is also popular in his mimic videos featuring top celebrities in the country.
    5. Flaqo has a huge following, with more than 800K followers on TikTok.


Flaqoraz. Picture/Instagram


6. Presenter Kai

    1. Presenter Kai is a TikTok comedian who is popular for his street interviews and fun sessions with pedestrians.
    2. Donning his trademark Kicheko t-shirt Kai set his fans for rib-cracking clips of seemingly lost subjects giving wildly wrong answers to his questions.
    3. Also in the clips, his subjects loudly sing the wrong lyrics to a song playing in the background.
    4. His short clips are immensely entertaining and have made him one of the best TikTokers in the country.


7. Alvan Love

    1. Alvan Love is a comedian, radio host, and singer who is popular on TikTok.
    2. Alvan is also a satirical artist who makes videos about the daily challenges of an ordinary Kenyan.
    3. Some of the topics on which his clips are popular include;
        1. Cold season
        2. The increased cost of living
        3. Strains as a result of Covid-19
    4. He also expertly switches between languages and accents to bring out his message in a more comical way.
    5. His highlighting of social and economic issues through comedy has earned him many followers, with over 270K on TikTok alone.


8. MarkMwas

    1. Markmwas is among the most followed male comedians in Kenya.
    2. Mark takes the character of a high school student and teacher.
    3. In his trademark green pullover and white shirt, Mark recreates the life and experiences inside a typical Kenyan boarding high school.
    4. Unsurprisingly, his most passionate fans are high school students who affirm his content and ideas.
    5. His creativity is sublime and is no doubt challenging for more prominence on the Kenyan TikTok platform.


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9. FlirtyCarlos

    1. FlirtyCarlos, real name Carlos Obura is a Kenyan skillful dancer.
    2. He is popular for his dance challenges on TikTok, a similar craft to that of Kenyan TikTok queen Azziad Nasenya.
    3. With over 700K followers on TikTok and more on his YouTube Channel, Carlos is a top male TikToker in Kenya.


10. Terence Creative

    1. Terence Creative is an established comedian in Kenya.
    2. Terence is best known for his Ngamwaya Kemikal episodes that he created to portray the rampant Wash Wash (scamming business) in Kenya.
    3. His work came after widespread uproar following a shocking exposé on the underhand criminal enterprise in Nairobi.
    4. Terence is a prolific content creator who has attracted a huge following on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.