Top 10 Young Upcoming Socialites in Kenya

Meet the new flames on Kenya's social media putting Vera Sidika and her ilk on notice.

Shakilla. Picture/Instagram

Top 10 Young Upcoming Socialites in Kenya

Huddah Monroe, Vera Sidika, and Corazon Kwamboka have occupied the upper echelons of Kenya’s socials for the longest time.

An emerging class of teen socialites is seeking to unseat the top guns. The following are the young upcoming socialites in Kenya;

1. Pritty Vishy

    1. Officially known as Purity Vishenwa, Pritty Vishy is a Kenyan social media personality and content creator.
    2. Vishy popped into the limelight when she was identified as the girlfriend of Kenyan sensation Stivo Simple Boy.
    3. Now riding high on his fresh hit “Freshi Barida” Simple Boy is among the country’s highest-performing musicians.
    4. As per recent reports, the two are no longer together which has set up Vishy for solo exploits.
    5. Now in her early 20s, Vishy has already amassed close to 48 thousand followers on Instagram.
    6. She recently disclosed that she was catapulted to fame after an interview she did with Eve Mungai, an entertainment blogger.
    7. Ms. Mungai smoked out Vishy who was at the time dating Musician and celebrity Stivo Simple Boy.
    8. Vishy doubles up as a content creator on the popular TikTok platform.


Pritty Vishy. Picture/Instagram


2. Shakilla

    1. Going by the alias “Queen of the Streets” Tifanny Shakilla is a famous teen socialite in Kenya.
    2. Shakilla is more recently identified for her role in comedian Eric Omondi’s “Wife Material” show.
    3. Clocking over 340 thousand followers on Instagram, Shakilla is widely considered to have Omodni’s Wife Material contest.
    4. The curvaceous lass is known for flaunting her body with breathtaking poses on Instagram.
    5. The young socialite’s profile is rapidly rising internationally as she attracts followers from other parts of Africa including Nigeria.
Shakilla. Picture/Instagram


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3. Nikita Kering

    1. Nikita Chepchumba Kering is a fast-rising Kenyan female Musician.
    2. The beautiful songstress is also an actor and prominent social media personality.
    3. She is known for popular hits such as Ex, which won her the coveted Afrimma Awards.
    4. In November 2021, Kering was feted as;
        1. Best Artiste Rnb and Soul
        2. Best Female Artiste East Africa
    5. The young socialite is also making headway businesswise after she was recently made the Fenty Beauty Ambassador.
    6. Fenty Beuty is a Makeup line owned by international music star Rihanna.
    7. At 415k followers on Instagram, Nikita Kering is posed to further establish herself as a celebrated African songstress.
Nikita Kering. Picture/Instagram


4. Gloria Kyallo

    1. Gloria Kyallo is a younger sister to the famous talented journalist and news anchor Betty Kyalo.
    2. The 21-year-old is currently riding high on the success of the “Kyallo Kulture” show.
    3. Kyallo Kulture is a reality show that gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of the 3 now celebrity sisters;
        1. Betty Kyallo
        2. Mercy Kyallo
        3. Gloria Kyallo
    4. Gloria has ascended to celebrity status owing to her sister Betty’s high profile in Kenya.
    5. Betty Kyallo the journalist now entrepreneur has shown her business acumen in recent times and has founded a thriving beauty business.


Gloria Kyallo. Picture/Instagram


5. Rue Baby

    1. Rue Baby is the daughter of the high-flying Kenyan musician Akothee.
    2. Esther Akoth (Akothee) and her daughter have often come under fire for their astronomical demands on dowry.
    3. The mother and daughter have been quoted on different occasions quoted demanding planes and close to 1 billion as Rue Baby’s marriage fees.
    4. Rue is, however, crafting a career in modeling.
    5. The young socialite was the Face of Nivea in 2017.
    6. Rue Baby is big on Instagram commanding a following of at least 680 thousand followers.
Rue Baby. Picture/Instagram


6. Felicity Shiru

    1. Felicity is a Kenyan YouTuber, influencer, and brand promoter.
    2. The lass is also in the limelight for her blossoming relationship with fellow content creator Thee Pluto.
    3. The young Kenyan model’s union with Pluto has been subject to speculation amid pregnancy rumors.
    4. Clocking slightly above 130k followers on Instagram, Felicity is a fast-rising star in the Kenyan social space.
    5. Her YouTube channel which also features her boyfriend Thee Pluto has gained in excess of 142k subscribers.
Felicity Shiru. Picture/Instagram


7. Carol Sonnie

    1. Carol Sonnie is a Kenyan social media influencer and content creator.
    2. Carol Sonnie has been in the spotlight on account of her botched relationship with prominent comedian Mulamwa.
    3. The dramatic break-up with Mulamwa exposed the former lovers to more scrutiny by fans.
    4. Carol Muthoni recently came out to deny rumors of their reconciliation after photos of them in a photoshoot session emerged online.
Carol Sonie. Picture/Instagram


8. Thee Pluto

    1. Thee Pluto is Kenyan a digital content creator and social media influencer.
    2. He is widely known for his popular thee_pluto_show in which dating folks confront each other for infidelity.
    3. Also in the limelight is his relationship with Felicity Shiru, another top social media brand influencer.
    4. thee_pluto_show has over 540k subscribers on YouTuber and a further 210k followers on Instagram.
    5. Pluto is fast growing in popularity recently catching the attention of politicians including Nairobi Women Rep aspirant Wangui Nganga.


Thee Pluto and Felicity. Picture/Instagram


9. Élodie Zone

    1. Elodie Zone is a Kenyan female social media influencer and mental health advocate.
    2. The beautiful and curvy digital marketer has attracted over 160k followers on Instagram.
    3. Elodie’s interests are online bullying and trolling, among other mental health hazards rampant on social media.
    4. With the immense beauty and running a pertinent mental health campaign, the young influencer is on course to make the biggest impact yet.
Élodie Zone. Picture/Instagram


10. Natalie Tewa

    1. Natalie Tewa is a Kenyan social media influencer and content creator.
    2. The lass is a lifestyle and travel enthusiast and runs a Vlog on YouTube.
    3. Her YouTube channel has approximately 100k subscribers.
    4. Natalie has a huge following on Instagram with 260k followers.
    5. Headlining her success is her designation among the 100 Most Influential Young Kenyans.
Natalie Tewa. Picture/Instagram