Top 3 Most Followed Male Socialites in Kenya

Meet the most influential male social media personalities in Kenya.

Edgar Obare. Picture/Instagram

Top 3 Most Followed Male Socialites in Kenya

In the Kenyan context, a socialite is synonymous with flashy and curvy women on Instagram.

A socialite is, however, a well-known person in social and entertainment circles.

Instagram accommodates fine and popular Kenyan male influencers with thousands of ardent followers.

The following are the 3 famous male socialites in Kenya;

1. Edgar Obare

    1. Edgar Obare is a celebrated blogger and influencer in Kenya.
    2. Nicknamed “His Teaness” Obare had been dishing out hot gossip and dossiers on prominent Kenyans.
    3. He recently rolled out an explosive expose dubbed Wash wash, which was a series of photos, videos, and text exposing Nairobi’s money laundering enterprise.
    4. The clandestine dealing according to Obare had allegedly reached to high offices including the UN.
    5. Edgar Obare who insists that he gets his information from his followers has crossed paths with media personalities and politicians alike.
    6. The damning group chat screenshot featuring accomplished media personality turned politician Jalang’o is another example.
    7. Thousands of Obare’s followers camped on his Insta stories to tap into the hot tea about Jalang’o and his “Boys Club” WhatsApp chats.
    8. The boys’ group is seemingly discussing ladies they had gone out with as seen in the screenshots.
    9. Jalang’o came out to refute the screenshots terming it a malicious onslaught.
    10. Edgar Obare who is also a Vlogger has since lost his Instagram account which had a huge following.


Edgar Obare. Picture/Instagram


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2. Xtian Dela

    1. Xtian Dela is a Kenyan award-winning blogger and influencer.
    2. Xtian was popular for his Club Covid show that he ran over the 2020 Corona Virus quarantine period.
    3. In the raunchy show which aired past midnight, clips of ladies dancing entertained his Instagram followers.
    4. Some of the ladies were awarded sums of money for their “talents”
    5. Dela would later be summoned by the DCI over the explicit show which ran on Instagram Live.
    6. Arthur Mandela as he is officially known is still a leading male socialite in Kenya currently with 148K followers on Instagram.
    7. Dela also has in excess of 525K followers on Twitter.


Xtian Dela


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3. Frankie

    1. Going by @frankie_justgymit on Instagram, Frankie is a gym, nutrition, and lifestyle consultant.
    2. He is also a social media influencer with a massive following, stacking up over 240K followers on Instagram.
    3. While Frankie displays a strong work ethic, especially in fitness, he has not quite avoided controversy.
    4. Frankie is currently embroiled in a nasty war with both of his baby mamas; socialite Corazon Kwamboka and YouTuber Maureen Waititu.
    5. In separate classics of baby mama drama, Frank Kiarie (Frankie) fought against the two beauties who were on his neck on father duties.
    6. Frankie now accuses them both of having “Daddy Issues” in a row which has been a social media spectacle for some time.
    7. Frankie has 4 kids with both Corazon and Maureen.


Frankie. Picture/Instagram