Top 6 Most Followed Celebrity Pastors in Kenya

Meet the most influential Kenyan pastors who are in the limelight.

Reverend Kathy Kiuna. Picture/Instagram

Top 6 Most Followed Celebrity Pastors in Kenya

Men of the cloth are revered and respected members of Kenyan society.

Some pastors have carved out huge audiences online on Instagram and other social networks.

While most ministers prefer modest lives, some have flaunted a larger-than-life character on the socials.

The flamboyant and flashy lifestyles have catapulted some ministers of the world to celebrity status with followers dying to have a peek into their every move.

Others are, however, making an impact without much glamour. Here are the top 5 most followed celebrity pastors in Kenya;

1. Reverend Lucy Natasha

    1. Reverend Lucy Natasha is the most followed Kenyan preacher on Instagram with 1 million followers on the platform.
    2. Lucy Natasha runs the Oracle Ministry and is also a general overseer of the Empowerment Christian Church in Nairobi.
    3. The reverend who is also a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has on many occasions raised eyebrows due to her lifestyle.
    4. For starters, she strikes an impression of a successful wealthy lady who even contracts the services of tactical commando bodyguards.
    5. Rev. Natasha was recently married to Prophet Stanley Carmel in an elaborate traditional ceremony.
    6. Carmel is also a global overseer of the Empowerment Christian Church.
    7. Rev. Natasha is also appreciated by many for her charity exploits under her Natasha Hands of Compassion Foundation.
    8. She was particularly active during the biting Covid pandemic when she distributed food to the vulnerable in society.


Rev Lucy Natasha. Picture/Twitter


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2. Robert Burale

    1. Pastor Burale is one of the most followed pastors in Kenya.
    2. Burale who doubles as a transformational picture has a following of 393K followers on Twitter.
    3. The good-looking minister of the word also has many other followers on TV, radio, Twitter, and other media spaces.
    4. Though divorced after a short stint in the union with Rozinah Mwakideu, Robert Burale is an accomplished relationship and life coach.
    5. He is also famed for having organized a Men’s Conference in 2020, putting to bed the notion that the conference is imaginary.
    6. Burale appears on The OH MEN Show (Switch TV) and The Vent (NRG Radio) where he counsels listeners and viewers over their life challenges.
    7. While he is a known minister of the word, Pastor Burale is also an Image Consultant.
    8. Israel Robert Burale is also listed as the managing director of the RB Company.


Robert Burale in a Prayer Session. Picture/Instagram


3. Reverend Kathy Kiuna

    1. Reverend Kathy Kiuna runs the Visionary of Daughters of Zion Ministry within the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC).
    2. Reverend Kathy is married to Bishop Allan Kiuna who is the founder and general overseer of the JCC church.
    3. Kathy has a huge following on Instagram amassing over 450K followers on the platform.
    4. Reverend Kiuna is also a talented singer and songwriter who does praise and worship songs.
    5. She has more than 80K subscribers on her YouTube channel.


Reverend Kathy Kiuna. Picture/Instagram


4. Bishop Allan Kiuna

    1. Bishop Allan Kiuna is the founder of the Jubilee Christian Church and is married to Reverend Kathy Kiuna.
    2. Bishop Kiuna is without doubt one of the most influential religious leaders in Kenya.
    3. This is a testament to his big following on Instagram where he currently has over 115K followers.
    4. Alongside Kathy, they make it to the list of Kenya’s most famous couples together with the likes of news anchors Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla.


Bishop Kiuna and Rev. Kathy Kiuna. Picture/Instagram


5. Pastor T Mwangi

    1. Pastor Antony Kahura Mwangi is one of the most popular pastors in Kenya.
    2. T is particularly easy with the youth folk because he speaks their language and is seemingly quite candid on spiritual issues.
    3. The outspoken preacher currently presides over the Life International Church in Limuru.
    4. In addition to his over 100K followers on Instagram, Pastor T also ministers to his viewers on the Angaza show which airs on KBC.


Pastor T. Picture/Instagram


6. Size8Reborn

    1. Size8 Reborn is a famous Kenyan gospel musician and recently a minister of the word.
    2. She began her music in the secular realm before transitional to gospel music.
    3. Linet Munyali as she is officially known was recently featured in an intriguing video where she was seen casting out demons.
    4. The man in the video was visibly possessed, and a seemingly green Size8 was hard-pressed to exorcise with the help of church aides.
    5. In her newfound ministerial role, Size8 Reborn has hosted a couple of revival sessions where she offers spiritual recourse.
    6. She is married to Samuel Muraya popularly known as DJ Mo, a top gospel music DJ and media personality in Kenya.
    7. Size8Reborn has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram.
The Muraya Family. Picture/Instagram