Dennis Itumbi ‘educates’ Governor Anne Waiguru on Punguza Mzigo Bill

Kirinyanga County Governor Anne Waiguru and Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi. [Photo/File]

Dennis Itumbi ‘educates’ Governor Anne Waiguru on Punguza Mzigo Bill

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is on the spot again, after blogger and digital strategist Dennis Itumbi claimed that her announcement that the county had voted out the Punguza Mizigo Bill is insincere.

According to Itumbi, Waiguru is misinformed about what transpired at the Kirinyanga county assembly.

“My home county of Kirinyaga did not vote out the Punguza Mizigo Bill, that was just an outright lie advanced by tweets from my Governor Anne Waiguru,” he said.

The controversial blogger said the Bill was not rejected but it only lacked a seconder.

“For the good record, Kirinyaga County Assembly, standing orders, available for download online, indicate that lack of a seconder leads to withdrawal of motion, not rejection as some have tweeted and told us in Press Conferences,” he added.

On Tuesday, Waiguru tweeted and also wrote on her official Facebook page that the county assembly had squashed the Bill.

Waiguru’s Facebook post. [Photo/ Waiguru Facebook page]

It is well documented in the assembly standing orders that any Bill that fails to get a seconder stands suspended for 6 months before it is re-tabled.

The Punguza Mzigo Bill has so far been unanimously voted in by Uasin Gishu county assembly.

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