Your mother is my girlfriend: Ng’ang’a insults King Kaka over ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ song


Controversial Neno Evangelism preacher Pastor James Ng’ang’a has told off Kenyan rapper King Kaka over his thought-provoking ‘Wajinga nyinyi’ song.

In the hard-hitting song, King Kaka mentions the controversial preacher saying that he is better than Kenyan politicians since he lies openly.

“Iba hizo mamita, niibe tu kuku ntalala ndani.

“At least Pator Ng’ang’a anawashinda, anadanganya hadharani,” he raps in the song that has so far garnered over 1.9 million views in just five days after release.

In the viral video shared by King Kaka, Ng’ang’a is seen hurling insults at the rapper, demeaning him as someone from a low social class, and therefore should choose his battles wisely.

“Ata kuna mwengine amesema afadhali Ng’ang’a anadanganya watu. Sijui shetani gani ndio hii. Wewe ni mjinga, tafuta rika yako ukanikake nao.

“Tafuta wale manamba wa matatu uongee nao,” he said as his congregation stared in amusement.

“Hujui mama yako ni my girlfriend (Don’t you know your mother is my girlfriend),” he continued.

King Kaka’s response

In his response, King Kaka took no offense at the preacher’s words, noting that the goal of the song had been achieved.

“Kim Kaka sahii Kan Kaka. Anyway The Message is Home,” he wrote.

However, the social media community could not keep mum over the matter. They gave there two cents on the matter. Here are a few responses;

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