Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro trolled online for sharing HIV test results

Radio presenter Kamene Goro PHOTO/COURTESY

Kiss 100 Presenter Kamene Goro trolled online for sharing her HIV test results

Goro who is not new to controversies on Wednesday shared a picture of her results, with the caption #JustKnown.

Her followers did not take it lightly and went ahead to question if she would post the results if it was positive.

However, others praised the presenter for taking the bold move to get tested and sharing the results.

Others, however, praised the radio host for the bold step she had taken, saying that it took courage to share the result.

After the reaction, the controversial presenter took to Instagram with a video saying that sharing her result is not the most important to her, but getting tested.

she urged everyone to know their HIV status.

I woke up today and saw some of the comments on my previous post with my HIV test and I’m like I am living in one of the most highly educated, ignorant societies in the whole world. Guys we’re living in the era of HIV and aids and you’re there asking me if I would have posted it if it was positive. You want to go tell me to take a confirmatory test. We are well informed by the way and guys that IS not the heart of the matter. The heart of the matter is getting tested. Know where you stand, not a negative or a positive result. Get tested, It’s about responsibility, you cannot be shallow-minded,” said Kamene.


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