The resilient journey of Wakadinali rap crew


The resilient journey of Wakadinali rap crew
The resilient journey of Wakadinali rap crew [Photo/ Courtesy]

Coming down from the grassroots to the top is not an easy thing to accomplish in the Kenyan music industry especially when one has nothing to offer or bribe but their prayers, hard work, and determination. Below is a storyline of Kenyas’ best Hip Hop crew and how they maneuvered through the challenges and obstacles in their line of duty.

Wakadinali crew does a hip hop/Trap type of music and it has two main male artists, Munga Domani{ Doche} and Scar Mkadinali{ Churchill Mandela}. Their whole family including the directors, manager, producers, and other rappers is called the “RONG RENDE FAMILY”

Scar Mkadinali and Domani Munga are the main founders of the crew and are both in the mid-20s of age and unmarried. Scar and Domani are childhood friends who were born in the same hood, Umoja in Nairobi Eastlands. Besides coming from the same neighborhood they were close friends who did everything together. They even attended the same primary school and were deskmates in highschool too.


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Rapping was Domani Munga and Scar’s favorite thing and they started way back when they were still in grade 5. As years went by they perfected their talent and started working with different producers but mainly Alex vice, while Slim Visuals took care of the videos.

Wakadinali has been very influential in the trap game since day one and have a big following especially the youth because of the Sheng’ language they rap with, a language that is easily understood by them, and also because their music mostly reflects the hard thug life in the ghetto, police brutality and Government negligence.

Starting this rap music thing wasn’t an easy game to them because many people despised them, laughed them off, and lacked faith in them especially when they saw Munga and Scar walk to the studios as they lacked bus fare. This made them feel like the world was against them but they did not give in; they just kept going because they were determined to one day be pictured on covers of magazines.

They came up with the Logo “WAKADINALI” while still on Campus because they believed that they would be the saints who would revive and salvage the hip-hop culture in Kenya and even Africa at large from losing its course. While still on Campus is also when they started recording their songs and even though they weren’t sure if one day they would be played on either Television or Radio they just kept the faith and hard work.


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Way back before gaining fame and while still in Campus Scar Mkadinali with his street brother Munga Domani had been arrested severally and put behind bars. They did get arrested for peddling bhang, stealing laptops from fellow comrades in hostels, and selling them to whole sellers among other vices. Scar and Domani did not involve themselves in the thug life because they liked it or something but because they were considering and acting on every opportunity that presented itself, so that they could raise the money for recording, shooting videos, and also for paying producers.

Wakadinali Rap crew released their first album called “NDANI YA COCKPIT” in 2017, which was comprised of 12 songs, and though it did not trend that much it did bring them on the chat. Wakadinalis’ effort in “NDANI YA COCKPIT” attracted the attention of big names in the industry who had seen great potential in the young upcoming artists like Khaligraph Jones and Abbas Kubaff Into working on verses and collabos in their next album called “NDANI YA COCKPIT II” released in 2018, which were really hit songs.

In 2019 they released another album called “MTOTO WA MAMA”. This shook the Hip hop music industry and at some point got people talking and asking about them because both the Hip hop artists and fans felt like the “Wakadinali” guys were doing artwork of Rap music that was unique and original.

In 2020 Wakadinali presented themselves well with another album called “VICTIMS OF MADNESS” which is really more of art if not real music. The album is made up of songs like “Tripple XXXL”, “Nyara Nyara” and “Morio Anzenza” which are real bang’ers and had many views on Youtube.


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Later on, after they had gained fame they were joined by other rappers who have also contributed to their progress, the likes of Dyana Cods and Sewer Syder. Dyana Cods 25, is a very talented female rapper who originates from Nairobi Eastlands and she presented herself well in the first project that she was featured in, that being the “Morio Anzenza” track. At the time she is the only rapper in the Rong Rende family.

Sewer Syder 26, is a male rapper who was signed by the Rong Rende family and he came in way earlier than Dyana Cods. Syder too originates from Nairobi Eastlands and besides working on various projects under Wakadinali, he also releases his single tracks which have seen him get nominated for various awards like the Rym Gym show which takes place on the last Sunday of each month in Umoja.

About competition in the Rap music industry, Scar Mkadinali stated that they believed in Nyashinski as the Kenyan superhero but sent him a message to watch out for them because they were coming for the throne and that there will be no other comeback for him if he goes silent again like when he did back in 2006.

The “RONG RENDE” family thanks and appreciates their fans for the love and support and promises not to let them down, as they are looking forward to working on non-stop collaborations, singles, and albums in the coming years.

They have also assured their haters and competitors heat because they ain’t sleeping and according to Munga Domani in his slang language said “tuko mboka usiku yote tulkua hapo io jogoo ikiwika”, (we don’t sleep all night and are ever awake hustling when the cock crows).