Shock as 70-year-old man kills self

The hangman noose in a bush. [Photo/The Mercury News]

Shock as 70-year-old man kills self

The villagers of Manyika, Butere constituency in Kakamega county are still in shock after they woke to the news that a 70-year-old man had taken his life by hanging.

It is alleged that the late Haggai fondly referred to as Kobe had been involved in a heated argument with his son who is a class six student after he refused to go to school on Wednesday.

Haggai’s body was found hanging in a small bush.

According to the deceased relatives, Haggai had been separated from his wife for a long time and nobody knew the real reason behind the separation.

“He had a slight argument with his son whom they live with, however, whatever he did today that has led to his death is something that he has tried before this is not the first time he tried hanging himself,” said one of the villagers.

“We need proper research done in this area with regards to suicide. We have lost many people in this area because of this vice,” added another villager.