All Shopping Malls along Ngong Road Nairobi

We peek inside the Junction Mall and other top shopping malls along Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Picture/The Greenhouse Ngong' Road

All Shopping Malls along Ngong Road Nairobi

Ngong Road connects the Nairobi Central Business District to Ngong in Kajiado county. Ngong is one of the farthest ends of the designated Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

Ngong Road is also home to prime shopping and commercial establishments. Some of the shopping malls along Ngong Road include;

1. Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

    1. The Prestige Plaza is a shopping center along Nairobi’s Ngong Road.
    2. Having existed for the last 18 years, Prestige Plaza is one of Nairobi’s most notable shopping areas.
    3. The Plaza houses 65 stores with 400 eatery seats and 100 market vendors.
    4. The shopping mall also has 350 parking bays for shoppers and visitors.
    5. Some of the businesses available at the Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall include;
        1. Maasai Market
        2. Java House
        3. NCBA, Standard Chartered banks
        4. Naivas Supermarket
        5. Prestige Cinema
        6. Telkom shop
        7. The Aga Khan University Hospital
        8. Jewelry and eyewear shops
        9. Hair and beauty
    6. Click here to view the stores inside the Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall Ngong Road.



2. Junction Mall

    1. The Junction Mall is an imposing shopping establishment at Dagoretti Corner along Ngong Road.
    2. It is located about 8.5 kilometers south of Nairobi’s city center.
    3. Having existed for a decade, the shopping mall provides the taste of a luxurious lifestyle and modernity.
    4. You can virtually get everything you want from banking to fashion under one roof.
    5. Some of the businesses inside the Junction mall include;
        1. Nikon
        2. Bespoke outfit shop
        3. Office Mart
        4. Salute iWorld



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3. Arcade Discounts Shopping Mall

    1. Arcade Discount Shopping Mall is a mall that mainly deals with outfits including shoes, clothes, and bags.
    2. Located next to the GreenHouse Mall on Ngong Road, Arcade Mall offers the biggest discounts on these items.
    3. The shopping mall is roughly 6 kilometers from the Nairobi city center.
    4. Apart from fashion and outfits, top-quality kitchenware is also sold at the Arcade Mall.
    5. Other businesses such as pharmacies, massage parlors, and hair salons are also available.


Picture/The Arcade Discount Shopping Mall


4. The Greenhouse Mall

    1. The Greenhouse Mall is a sizeable shopping establishment found on Ngong Road in Nairobi.
    2. Located roughly 6 kilometers south of the Nairobi city center, the Greenhouse Mall is a serene business center.
    3. The mall offers ample parking space along with many businesses housed within its perimeter.
    4. Some of the businesses located at the Greenhouse Mall include;
        1. Cosmetic and beauty shops
        2. Website designers
        3. Apollo Hospitals
        4. Alata Exclusive
        5. Spa and barber shops
        6. Health facilities including dental clinics.



5. Adams Arcade

    1. Adams Arcade is an old shopping center that was established by Abdul Habib Adam in 1959.
    2. The Mall grew from just a few shops to the landmark it is today.
    3. Adams Arcade is roughly 6 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district via Ngong Road.
    4. It has a number of stores inside including;
        1. Clothing and fashion outlets
        2. Fitness centers
        3. Restaurants and Food Places including “Snack Attack” shop
        4. School uniform shop
        5. A Postal Corporation Branch has existed since the mall was established.
        6. Kenya Power payment outlet
        7. Health facilities including dental clinics
        8. Forex Bureau
        9. Fresh grocery shops
        10. Travel agencies
    5. At Adams Arcade you are poised to virtually everything you require under one roof.


Picture/Adams Arcade Shopping Centre


6. Milele Mall Ngong

    1. Milele Mall is an out-of-town shopping center off Ngong Road in Nairobi.
    2. The plush Milele shopping establishment is approximately 23 kilometers from the Nairobi city center via Ngong Road.
    3. Milele Mall houses several stores and businesses including;
        1. A Bata footwear shop
        2. Fast food restaurants like Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, and Creamy Inn.
        3. Banking such as Diamond Trust Bank (DTB)
        4. Bookshops
        5. Health services including physiotherapy
        6. With shops that deal in African dressing, the mall combines culture and modernity to give you the ultimate shopping experience.
        7. For your fashion needs, you have over 20 stores to choose from at Milele Mall.


Picture/Milele Mall Ngong


7. China Center Mall

    1. The China Center Mall is a go-to place if you are interested in Chinese culture.
    2. The sizeable shopping center is dotted with Chinese shops and China town wines and spirits, among other businesses.
    3. The Mall also houses the local Cooperative Bank branch.
    4. Other outlets include the Red Sea Restaurant, boutiques, and hairdressers among others.



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8. Soko Safi Mall

    1. Soko Safi is a shopping center near Adams Arcade along Ngong Road.
    2. At Soko Safi Mall you can find;
        1. A food court on the ground floor
        2. Graphic design and branding services
        3. Offices
        4. Motorcycle parts
        5. Pastry shops
        6. Fashion and clothes shops
        7. Car wash among other businesses.


9. Piedmont Plaza

    1. Piedmont Plaza is a mega shopping center located along Ngong Road in Nairobi.
    2. The imposing structure is plated with glass on the front phase and it houses commercial stores and offices.
    3. Some of the businesses located at the Piedmont Plaza include;
        1. Tour and travel agencies
        2. cloth stores
        3. Hairdressers and fashion outlets
        4. A church
    4. The Piedmont plaza also has ample parking space for visitors.
    5. It offers a cheap shopping solution with a wide array of products to choose from.


10. Umoja Center

    1. Umoja Center is an upcoming shopping establishment along Ngong Road.
    2. Other than hosting the popular Elite supermarket, the shopping center also houses the following businesses;
        1. Maggies Snack shop
        2. Laundry services
        3. Clothes shops
    3. The shopping center is in a prime location devoid of road traffic which makes it easier to access.
    4. Umoja Center is still under construction on the upper floors.


The list is subject to continuous updates. More items will be added.