List of Shopping Malls in Upper Hill Nairobi

We peek inside the Yaya Center and other top shopping malls in Upper Hill Nairobi.

Picture/Adams Arcade Shopping Centre

List of Shopping Malls in Upper Hill Nairobi

Upper Hill is an upscale commercial area in Nairobi. It is known for its exotic architecture that decorates Nairobi city’s skyline.

Britam Towers and the UAP Old Mutual Tower are exquisite examples of Upper Hill’s status.

The following are some of the plush shopping malls in Upper Hill;


1. Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall

    1. The Prestige Plaza is a shopping center along Nairobi’s Ngong Road.
    2. Having existed for the last 18 years, Prestige Plaza is one of Nairobi’s most notable shopping areas.
    3. The Plaza houses 65 stores with 400 eatery seats and 100 market vendors.
    4. The shopping mall also has 350 parking bays for shoppers and visitors.
    5. Some of the businesses available at the Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall include;
        1. Maasai Market
        2. Java House
        3. NCBA, Standard Chartered banks
        4. Naivas Supermarket
        5. Prestige Cinema
        6. Telkom shop
        7. The Aga Khan University Hospital
        8. Jewelry and eyewear shops
        9. Hair and beauty
    6. Click here to view the stores inside the Prestige Plaza Shopping Mall Ngong Road.


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2. Yaya Center

    1. The Yaya Center is a prestigious shopping mall located along the Arghwings Kodhek Road in Upper Hill Nairobi.
    2. The giant shopping establishment gives you a rare opportunity to access anything you want under one roof.
    3. From banks, restaurants, and retail stores to kids’ events, the mall is an all-around commercial center.
    4. Some of the businesses/stores available at Yaya Center include;
        1. Absa Bank
        2. Boutiques
        3. Bookstores
        4. Eye Room
        5. Meat products shops
        6. Jewelry shops
        7. I&M Bank
        8. KCB Bank
        9. Meridian Medical Center
        10. Mr. Price
    5. Click here to view the stores in Yaya Center.


3. Fedha Valley Arcade Shopping Mall

    1. Fedha Valley Arcade Shopping Mall is a plush shopping center located on Gitanga Road in Nairobi.
    2. The shopping mall is easily accessible using public transport.
    3. Several shops and food places are housed inside the Fedha Valley Arcade Shopping Mall.
    4. Some of the businesses/facilities inside Fedha Valley Arcade Shopping Mall include;
        1. Liquor stores
        2. Aga Khan University Hospital
        3. Indoor football pitches
        4. Java House, Artcaffe, and other restaurants.
        5. Gym and fitness centers
        6. Kids playing facility



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4. Adams Arcade

    1. Adams Arcade is an old shopping center that was established by Abdul Habib Adam in 1959.
    2. The Mall grew from just a few shops to the landmark it is today.
    3. Adams Arcade is roughly 6 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district via Ngong Road.
    4. It has a number of stores inside including;
        1. Clothing and fashion outlets
        2. Fitness centers
        3. Restaurants and Food Places including “Snack Attack” shop
        4. School uniform shop
        5. A Postal Corporation Branch has existed since the mall was established.
        6. Kenya Power payment outlet
        7. Health facilities including dental clinics
        8. Forex Bureau
        9. Fresh grocery shops
        10. Travel agencies
    5. At Adams Arcade you are poised to virtually everything you require under one roof.


Picture/Adams Arcade Shopping Centre