All Shopping Malls Along Mombasa Road

We peek inside the Signature Mall and other top shopping malls along Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

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All Shopping Malls Along Mombasa Road

Mombasa Road mainly receives traffic from Kenya’s second-largest city (Mombasa) and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Apart from its high transport significance, Mombasa Road also hosts shopping destinations.

Some of Nairobi’s biggest malls are located along Mombasa Road. The following shopping Malls can be found on Mombasa Road in Nairobi;


1. Capital CenterĀ 

    1. Opened in 2004, the Capital Center was the first shopping mall to be established on Mombasa Road.
    2. It is also the first mall on Mombasa Road and the nearest to Nairobi’s Central Business District.
    3. Its proximity to the JKIA makes it a favorite both for city residents and visitors.
    4. The Capital Center has over 60 stores inside the 140,000 sq. ft establishment.
    5. You can therefore get everything you might need under one roof.
    6. Some of the businesses located at the Capital Center Shopping Mall include;
        1. ATMs
        2. Banks and Insurance agencies
        3. Health facilities
        4. Beauty and fashion outlets
        5. Food and eateries
        6. The Gadget Shop
        7. MultiChoice Kenya
        8. Naivas Supermarket
        9. Telkom and Samsung shops
    7. Click here to view the full list of stores/outlets at the Capital Center.


2. NextGen Mall

    1. The NextGen Mall is a commercial and residential center along Mombasa Road in Nairobi Kenya.
    2. The Mall sits close to the iconic Ole Sereni Hotel near the Southern Bypass interchange.
    3. NextGen has a residential park that has modern apartments.
    4. Apart from housing the giant Kenya Post-Primary Education Teachers’ Union (KUPPET) headquarters, NextGen Mall houses many businesses.
    5. Some of the businesses and outlets inside NextGen Mall include;
        1. Carrefour Supermarket
        2. Restaurants, lounge, and food courts
        3. Fashion and beauty outlets
        4. Banks such as the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), among others.
        5. Medical clinics and pharmacies


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3. Gateway Mall

    1. Located adjacent to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the Gateway Mall is one of the prominent shopping centers in Nairobi.
    2. The Gateway Mall has also designated itself as a major fashion and entertainment spot for residents and foreign visitors alike.
    3. The Mall is located approximately 16 kilometers from the Nairobi CBD.
    4. The mall houses over 65 stores and provides up to 1000 parking spaces.
    5. You can find the following outlets inside the Gateway Mall;
        1. Naivas Supermarket
        2. AAR Healthcare
        3. Telkom Kenya shop
        4. Furniture shops such as Lockwood Africa.
        5. Forex Bureau
        6. Food places
        7. Banks
    6. Click here to view the full list of shops at the Gateway Mall.


Picture/Gateway Mall


4. Signature Mall

    1. The Signature Mall is a shopping center located in the Syokimau area, approximately 20 kilometers to the south of Nairobi.
    2. The mall prides itself on the unique blend of local and international brands within the establishment.
    3. At Signature Mall, you are presented with a diverse product range to choose from.
    4. Being out of town and away from the city’s hustle and bustle, the mall also extends accommodation facilities to visitors.
    5. You can unwind and relax at the Signature Mall’s Pool Bar, where you can choose to watch your favorite football team on the big screens.
    6. Some of the shops/businesses at Signature Mall include;
        1. Bata footwear store
        2. FoodPlus
        3. Azure Airport Hotel
        4. Optica
        5. Angels beauty outlet
        6. Chemists
        7. Liquor shop
        8. Boutique
    7. Click here to view the full list of Signature Mall stores/outlets.


5. Mirage Plaza

    1. The Mirage Plaza is a shopping establishment in South C estate located in the Bellevue area.
    2. It is located less than 10 kilometers from the Nairobi city center along Mombasa Road.
    3. The Mirage Plaza houses several businesses including the Cooperative Bank.



6. Southfield Mall

    1. The Southfield Mall is located along Airport North Road off Mombasa Road in Nairobi.
    2. The mega commercial center has over 400 parking slots distributed in the basement, ground, and first floor.
    3. The Southfield Mall houses many businesses/outlets that include;
        1. The Carrefour Supermaket
        2. Bata footwear shop
        3. Java House
        4. Dr. Mattress
        5. Eyecare clinics and pharmacies
        6. The Nairobi hospital
        7. Fitness centers
        8. Absa Bank
    4. Click here to view all the stores inside the Southfield Mall



7. The Imaara Shopping Mall

    1. The Imaara Shopping Mall is a shopping center in Imaara Daima area off Mombasa Road.
    2. It provides a much-needed retail variety for shoppers on account of its many shops and stores.
    3. Among the notable business stores at the mall include;
        1. Text Book Center
        2. Naivas Supermarket
        3. Kenya Commercial Bank
        4. Rubis
        5. Samsung dealer
        6. Optica
        7. Diamond Trust Bank
        8. Medical centers
        9. Spa, salon and beauty establishments
        10. Restaurants and food courts
        11. Umoja outlet
        12. Stanbic Bank
        13. HotPoint
        14. Airtel Kenya


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The list is subject to continuous updates. More items will be added.