Ways to avoid being in a friends with benefit situation

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Ways to avoid being in a friends with benefit situation

Most people get into friends with benefits relationships to just have fun or to get over that nasty breakup that they have just had. After a breakup rebound, sex would utterly make sense at that time but is it the best decision?

Perhaps there is that cute guy or lady that you are seriously crushing on but they are not ready for anything serious. For these situations, being friends with benefits can be appealing.

What do you do when you realize that the guy you like is not having the same feelings as you? These steps can help you master the art of playing the player and staying a few steps ahead by avoiding the friends with benefits trap.

Smash and run

The last thing that you want is to end up in a situationship, so to avoid this, smash and run. If you have a moment of weakness and end up in his bed, leave immediately after and lose his number. Despite how awesome the moment was, do not lose your focus.

If you stay around for sometimes, you will end up going back for more of that and the most obvious on is that you will really get hurt because he doesn’t want you the way you do.

Stay busy

Don’t put all your attention on someone that doesn’t feel the way you do. Stay busy and go on with your life as if nothing ever happened.

Be selfish with your time and only invest it in those who want to spend their time with you without conditions.

This will help you avoid being treated like trash by that guy.

Keep your options open

You have expressed your interest in him/her and they have clearly communicated that they don’t feel the same way. Do yourself a favour and keep your options open because you never know when you will meet the right man/ woman for you.

Go on dates with other people who value you and see something beautiful in you. Don’t act like you are in a relationship when you are not.

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Don’t sleep with him too soon

So you have been talking and probably gone on a few dates together but should just be it. If he hasn’t expressed interest squarely to you stick to your lane.

Dates don’t mean anything and they are not a gate pass to your pants. Play hard to get, let him chase you and don’t give it to him to soon.

Having sex on the first day or too soon after meeting might also send the wrong message- mostly that you are only interested in intimacy.

Replace him as soon as possible

Just like everything has an expiration date, so do flirting. The moment you figure out that both of you want different things, feel free to ghost him and move on, or even better, spend the time on yourself. Keeping the guy around for too long will most probably result in regrets as your intentions are not conforming.

Cast your net wider for more catch.