Top 5 Most Successful Plus Size Models in Kenya

Plus size models remain outnumbered by their petite counterparts. This is because plus size women are wary of ‘not being up to society’s standards’.

Nyawira Mumenya. Picture/Twitter

Top 5 Most Successful Plus Size Models in Kenya

Plus size as a niche is fast gaining prominence in the world of fashion. Championed by plus size icons like Jamie Lopez from the US, it has caught the attention of models and fashion enthusiasts.

Miss Lopez was famous for her Super Sized Salon which she opened not only to style plus size women but also to celebrate their bodies.

Locally in Kenya exceptionally confident women have seized their space in plus size fashion as models and entrepreneurs.

Here is a list of the 5 most successful plus size Kenyan models;


1. Miss Nduati

    1. Officially known as Tracy Nduati, she is the reigning Miss Kenya Plus World.
    2. Alongside her extraordinary feat in the modeling world, she is also an accomplished chef and a trained pilot.
    3. Miss Nduati oozes the confidence and aura of the modern successful woman.
    4. By virtue of her magnificent crown, Miss Nduati has already partnered with True Love Magazine, chasing her passion for helping women trounce insecurities arising from how they look.
    5. The dazzling Miss Kenya Plus World generally acknowledges the difficulty of the self-love journey, stating it is a continuous journey.
    6. Miss Nduati describes herself as bold and extra, which explains her flair on the runway and by extension her fledgling modeling career.
    7. Tracy also banks on her bold expressive eyes on the modeling stage which have secured her success.



Tracy Nduati. Picture/Instagram



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2. Miss Nyawi

    1. Nyawira Mumenya better known as Miss Nyawi is also among the most famous plus size models in Kenya.
    2. The multi-talented Miss Nyawi is also excelling as a content creator and real estate manager.
    3. The fashion blogger has been at the forefront of encouraging women to be confident and be champions of self-love.
    4. Miss Nyawi has in the past called out society which has a notoriety for dictating plus size women on what to wear and how to live their lives.
    5. Rightly so, Miss Nyawi and her associates have not shied away from blasting the disrespect and patronage directed at plus size women.



Nyawira Mumenya. Picture/Twitter


3. Shely Sophisticated

    1. Shely Sophisticated is a plus size model who doubles up as content creator (YouTuber).
    2. The exotic model is known to fancy her legs which could give the likes of Zari the Bosslady a run for their money.
    3. She is adorned with facial piercings complete with a radiant enchanting smile, that befits a high-end model.
    4. Officially known as Shelmith Mukami, the travel consultant is a self-confessed lover of short dresses.
    5. This drip gives her the chance to give all and sundry a coveted peek at her magnificent well toned legs.
    6. The Miss Kenya Plus World Finalist 2019 rocks her curves unapologetically to empower all the thicc girls out there to be confident in their bodies.
Shelmith Mukami. Picture/Instagram



4. Beatrice Waithira

    1. Beatrice Waithira is one of the most sought-after plus size models in Kenya.
    2. Popularly known as It’s Waithira on her socials, the curvaceous lass has been making waves on the internet.
    3. Her fashion skits on Instagram have since grown popular after she ventured into content creation during the Covid pandemic.
    4. In an interview with a local paper People Daily, the professional interior designer revealed that she draws inspiration from plus size models like Miss Nyawi.
    5. She also credits Neomi Nganga who pioneered and created the first platform for plus size celebration.
    6. Miss Waithira is all for comfort, insisting that when a woman is comfortable she rocks an outfit fiercely.
    7. She urges women to accept and be comfortable with their bodies even as they work towards losing or gaining weight.
    8.  The part-time mushroom farmer also believes that plus size modeling is part of her effort to find her purpose and calling on earth.



Beatrice Waithira. Picture/Instagram


5. Neomi Nganga

    1. Neomi Nganga is an actress, model, and one of the notable voices for plus size women in Kenya.
    2. The fashion entrepreneur (fashionpreneur) has inspired a new crop of influencers in plus size women.
    3. While the wave she helped to start has gathered momentum, plus size influencers are still fiercely rivaled by petite content creators and personalities.
    4. Names such as Azziad Nasenya quickly pop up among the most influential female content creators.
    5. Azziad and her fellow petite content creators seem to outnumber their plus size counterparts.
    6. This is attributed to the fact that plus size women are wary of ‘not being up to society’s standards’.



Neomi Nganga. Picture/Instagram



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While these curvaceous lasses have their different experiences their common shortcomings have been criticism of their weight.

They maintain that stretch marks are a hallmark of a woman’s beauty and that women should not be ashamed of having them.

Their results against a society that is still heavily skeptical about the beauty of plus size women remain something to be seen.