5 Reasons why women get back with their exes

5 Reasons why women get back with their exes

I’m a firm believer of if relationships are over, it’s best if people moved on and never looked back, however, this theory doesn’t apply to some ladies.

These ladies will go after their exes regardless of how long the breakup has been.

Here are some of the reasons why some women will take back their exes.

Loneliness: You may not have liked your relationship, but you can’t stand being ‘just by myself’ either. There is nothing like a good month, year or even decade alone until you can finally figure out who you are, and who you want.

Getting back at the ex: Often women, who want to get back at an ‘ex’ who messed them/abandoned them, just so they can ‘win’ by being the ones to dump them/cheat on them. however, I consider this behaviour is as churlish as it is childish.

Comfort Zone: This is why many women say an ex is easy, he’s comfortable to be back to. This is because you already know what to expect and how to deal with every tantrum that he’s got.

However, how about you try dating his opposite? you might actually like it than you liked him.

No better pastures: Now this is just plain sad. You broke up yonks ago, you ran all over the place and came to the realisation that either he was the best you ever had/ none better out there.

Possessiveness: This is one of the worst reason to hang onto an ‘ex,’ or keep going back to them.

So that no-one else is with them, this is so sick.