The Magnetic Beauty & Elegance of Feminine Hair

Magnetic elegance of feminine hair
Magnetic elegance of feminine hair

Hairstyles serve a couple of purposes in as far as social existence is concerned. Hair is an important cultural artifact. For women, hair is at the very center of their social positions. Women use their hair to try gain some power over a predominantly patriarchal social establishment. It is the most noticeable feature that depicts femininity.

More practically speaking, long hair suits women because they generally have small skull sizes as opposed to their male counterparts. Thus, long hair gives the head some balance in appearance and also makes the head appear bigger. In Biological terms, bigger heads are considered revolutionary advantageous.

Modern working and classy women are embracing new trends in hair fashion while still getting more creative with their looks. It is quite easy to keep it professional while still maintaining a sense of style and confidence.

Compiled herein is a list of classy, fashionable, and easy-to-mount hair weaves, braids, and styles for smart women.

French twist

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This is most preferred by working-class women who find long locks inconvenient. They became popular among businesswomen in the ’80s. French twist weave is always a beautiful weave to run for any day.

Braided low bun

Low Bun With Side Braid

When using the braided low bun, consider adding a simple side braid to enhances freshness and style. Pulling the hair back projects elegance.

Big bun

High Braided Ballerina Bun

The big bun is one of the most popular trends in hair fashion. Its sleek always makes it appropriate for wear to occasions of varied nature. It mostly works well with long or medium hair lengths. Remember to top up the bun with some nice hair spray.

Blunt Bob

Blunt Chestnut Brown Bob

The blunt bob is most favorite among women with short hairstyles. Enhance the look by wearing a sleek style. Add hair serum for a smooth finish.

Low ponytail

Half Braided Blonde Ponytail

Nothing says ‘I mean business’ than a low ponytail and the extra braid detail. It is the quintessential look for a confident woman to wear.

Ringlets with layers

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The ringlets speak power in women. Keep your beautiful curls in layers for shape and smooth for a polished look.

High ponytail

High Ponytail With Braided Top

High ponytail lends an air of authority. Add a simple braid to enhance style.

Loose waves

Loose Beach Wabes With Highlights

This is most applicable when you have limited time. It can last a few days with just a touch-up or a bit of dry shampoo in the morning.

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