Why some people fall in love right after a relationship


Why some people fall in love right after a relationship

There’s no right or wrong way to get over a breakup. There’s no set time frame for moving on either. But if you’re someone who can’t stomach the thought of being with anyone else for a while, it can be pretty shocking to find out that your ex has happily moved on and fallen in love with someone else so soon.

Some people move on swiftly to the next person after a breakup. In a 2007 study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that most people can get over heartbreak in about three months.

According to Kim Egel, a licensed therapist who specializes in relationships, how long and intense the relationship was are often key factors that contribute to how long it takes someone to heal. If your families are close, or if you have the same friends, it can be even more difficult to fully walk away.

Here are some reasons why some people move on so fast after a relationship.

They emotionally checked out of the relationship earlier than you thought

It’s easier to fall in love with someone new if you weren’t that in love with your ex in the first place. There are many relationships where one partner is more serious about it than the other. The less serious partner likely had ‘one foot out the door’ and was ready to move on.”

People start checking out of the relationships when they realize that there is no future. So let no one ever lie to you that breakups just happen.

They have no walls up when it comes to love

When someone falls in love soon after a breakup, there is this misconception that they did it to just fill a void but that’s not the case.

Shortly after a breakup, it’s normal to want to close yourself off to love for a while. But some people don’t. They have no boundaries when it comes to love and they freely give it to others because they highly value intimacy and connection in relationships.

When you’re truly open to giving and receiving love, it’s easy to fall in love again. Some people would rather open themselves up to a good feeling like love than feel pain.

They just found the one

Love is a very mysterious feeling, it finds you in the weirdest places and at unexpected time. You don’t get to decide when and where you fall in love because it just happens.

There is this misconception that someone can’t move on immediately after a breakup but that a lie. Some people find their perfect match right after a breakup

There’s no set time for when people should be fully healed from a breakup or when they should be allowed to fall in love again. Everyone processes heartbreak in their way, and everyone falls in love on their own time. These are just the reasons why some people can fall in love so quickly after a breakup.