You have been dumped, how do you move on?

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You have been dumped, how do you move on?

First things first, being dumped is not a sweet affair. The action in itself can devastate you and leave you feeling rejected an imperfect.

So here you are, you’ve found yourself in this situation that you probably never saw coming. You met your prince charming and thought that he was your forever. You guy have dated for the longest time and people around are expecting a wedding.

Here are tips to help you move on after a nasty breakup.

  1. Work on yourself esteem

After the nasty breakup, you are probably having a lot of unanswered questions or some of them are answered

The best thing that you can do to move on from this situation is to pick up the pieces and start building up your self esteem. This will help you appreciate and show more love to yourself.

There is nothing as beautiful as having a high self esteem making you believe in yourself.

2. Make new friends

You are single and you got all the time in the world, so get out there and make all the friends who are worth your while.

Go have fun, party have a girls day out. This will help you forget about your problems and help you focus more on better things.

3. Talk to a counselor

Things can really get ugly so fast without you noticing. So before you get down to that dark road, you can get some counselling from a certified counselor.

This is important as it helps you to see things from an objective perspective.

4. Focus on your job

Focus on your career or hobbies to build your sense of self worth. However, as much as you have just lost a loved one, you can gain in other aspects.

This is your opportunity to make something of your life, grow professionally and make some good money.