Why you should not hangout with your ex

Why you should not hangout with your ex

When entering new relationships, nobody looks forward to a breakup or a sad ending to the romance but sometimes, the breakups just happen which for some strange reasons, its always for the best.

So after breakups, most people tend to stalk or even worse try to keep in touch with their ex’s. People may claim that keeping in touch always gives someone closure or the “optics haven’t changed so we are friends”.

I would really like to believe that, but truth be told, when the relationship is over its done and that ship has sailed, so you can do yourself the favour and move on to something better.

For those who believe that keeping in touch is a good thing, here are some reasons why you should really stay away from your ex.

Moving on becomes difficult

If you are still hanging out with your ex, moving on from them can be so difficult. This is because you still have the hopes of getting back together.

Ideally when relationships are over they are just over, move on and you never know, you can meet somebody better.

Temptations to smash are there

This is your ex we are talking about. you probably had a good time together with some amazing chemistry and now you have broken up.

What makes you think that you will not be tempted to have sex with them again? To avoid such issues, you better keep off.

Whenever you start having sex with your ex, the situation becomes too complicated hence somebody gets hurt in the long run.

The interaction become strange and weird

You were once together and you shared deep stuff together and now you have broken up, your relationship after that becomes strained. This is because you cannot bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is great, it ain’t.

To avoid all this drama move on cut all the communication.

False hopes of you two getting back together will be created

The moment that you start hanging out or have frequent communication, people do get these false hopes of ever getting back together.

This might probably hurt one of you, when they realizes that nothing is going to come off the hanging out.

So keeping off helps you avoid all these issues.