Why modern relationships are a scam

Why modern relationships are a scam

Back in the days, relationships were viewed to be of great significance. As a result of this, most of them ended up in long term marriages. Thanks to this, we have couples who are able to celebrate 40 years of marriage.

That was then though, the Millenials in the 21st century have made dating look like a total scam. I am not trying to demystify the current relationships as being bad, but most of them lack the right foundation for a good relationship to blossom.

Most Millenials are currently dating for all the wrong reasons making the relationships be all about sex which should be the case. Sex is just a portion of the relationships there is so much more to them than just sex.

Instead of relationships being all physical, there are other forms of bonding which doesn’t include sex. A relationship anchored on sex is bound to fail, there are no two ways about that.

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The other reason why modern relationships are a scam is due to the fact that Millenials have high expectations of there partners which is not realistic in any way. It is okay to set expectations but, they must be realistic in all aspects.

No man is perfect but only God, so don’t demand perfection when you are not close to it.

Millennial relationships are marred with a lot of impatience. A baby is not born today and starts to walk on the same day, they take time. The same applies to relationships, they require a lot of work and patience for them to yield any fruit.

Before you call it quits in your relationship, remember that good things take time, they just don’t happen overnight or fall from the sky.