Ways to satisfy a Luo lady in bed

A couple in bed admiring each other

 Ways to satisfy a Luo lady in bed

Many men have been asking  how to satisfy there ladies in bed and this most of the time it ends up in men just doing things blindly.

As a result of this, many ladies have been complaining of there men doing shoddy jobs in bed. Most of the ladies have to fake orgasms just to soothe their men’s egos.

With these steps, if followed to the letter, then you will not have to worry any more.

  1. Make her feel at ease

To satisfy your woman in bed, you have to first make her feel comfortable. This is important because women are different .There are some who are so self conscious while others are not.

So make her relax and comfortable. You can prepare for this by cleaning up the room, hygiene matters.

2. Make her feel desired

This is tied to the first point, after you have made her feel at ease, make her feel desired.

You can start out by complimenting her looks. This will help set the right mood and also ensuring that she achieves orgasm with ease.

You can also set the right mood for sex. Sex is sacred and special so always go a little bit extra when it comes to that

3. Pay attention to foreplay

Good foreplay is carried out gradually.

Foreplay is crucial in getting her ready. If shes is not wet enough, then the sex is going to hurt a lot and she will not orgasm no matter how hard you try.

Women are different from men, just as the men need an erection to have sex, ladies also need the foreplay.

The secret is to make sure that shes moist enough before penetrating her. As so long as she doesn’t ask you to penetrate her, then you can continue with foreplay.

4. Kiss, touch her body gently while avoiding her genitals and tits

What makes a woman horny is touching her gradually.

First and fore most you need to  identify her erogenous spots on her body and concentrate on them. These can be; the earlobes, the inner thigh, her neck, feet and other places. NB: These varies from one lady to the other.

Don’t forget to kiss her repeatedly, kisses can get her more aroused if done properly.

Gradually move to the tits

Some women love when you sensually kiss their breasts, others prefer when you only kiss and suck their nipples, other prefer when you lick them, so its up to you to know your partners preference.

Don’t always go for the nipple straight away can explore the surrounding before getting to the nipple.

You can move for the clitoris once shes horny

Since the clitoris is sensitive and can easily get sore, you’re going to lubricate this area with vaginal fluid or with your saliva.

Again take it slow and gradually. At the end of the day its about making the experience memorable for you two

5. Think about her pleasure

The male and female body are wired differently. A man will easily get horny compared to the lady, so as a man you need to know that.

By thinking about her pleasure , you are in other words you are just making sure that it aint about you and that she also enjoys the process.

If you follow these simple steps be sure to have her reach orgasm.