UPDATE: Likoni Ferry Tragedy: Family hired diver accused of undermining government

Passangers on board. [Photo/File]

UPDATE: Likoni Ferry Tragedy: Family hired diver accused of undermining the government

The private diver hired by the family Mr Musa has been accused of undermining the government by offering false information on the location of the sunken vehicle at the Likoni Ferry.

The situation has led to a little standoff.

However, the Kenya Port Authority has stated that the robot equipment that they have dispatched into the sea will go along away to help locate the exact position and coordinates of the vehicle lying in the Likoni channel.

Yesterday the Kenya Ferry management indicated that there is a possibility that the vehicle is lying between 75 or 173 feet.

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The person in charge in the joint operation is the government spokesman Cyrus Oguna.

Oguna stated that so far they have identified 9 locations underwater where the vehicle holding the late Marriam Kighenda and daughter Amanda Mutheu could be trapped.

According to Oguna with the aid of the robot machine, they have checked out 5 locations out of the nine and are yet to find the sunken vehicle.

“We have been able to inspect 5 locations that had been identified as possible areas where the sunken vehicle could be but all we found there were other things and not the car,” said Oguna.

As it stands now, due to some visibility challenges and need for divers to refresh the search has been suspended temporarily until 3 pm.

“right now the operation has been temporarily suspended to allow the divers to refresh, refuel and get back at about 3 pm,” he said.

” I will wish to inform the public that a lot of effort has been put to this exercise and we will not relent until the vehicle is located and brought to the shore,” he added.