Rescue team locate vehicle that drowned at Likoni Ferry

Operation ongoing at the Likoni Ferry. [Photo/The Star]

Rescue team locate vehicle that drowned at Likoni Ferry

There is hope in sight for the family of Marriam Kigenda and baby Amanda Mutheu after rescue team located the sunken vehicle at the Likoni Ferry.

Currently, recovery exercise is ongoing. Ferry transportation services have been put on hold for 30 minutes to give divers ample time to conduct the rescue said Kenya Ferry Service, managing director.

“This is to notify ferry users that due to the ongoing exercise of retrieving the sunken vehicle we are likely to experience delays between 30 minutes to one hour as ferry movement is affected,” Gowa said.

A South African company is working with Kenya Ferry Service, Kenya Navy, KPA, Kenya Coast Guards, Kenya Marines and private divers brought in by Kigenda’s family.


Rescue operations.


“We are ready to do this. We pray that we get the vehicle today. We are just waiting for low tides so that we get into the water without delay.” said one of the divers called Susan.


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The underlying challenge was that the car had plunged 60 metres deep but available machinery at Kenya ferry could only manage up to 30 meters deep.

According to Kenya Ferry Services Managing Director Bakari Gowa, the wreckage is now believed to be 173m deep.

Marriam and her daughter came face to face with the unfortunate incident on Sunday evening when their Toyota ISIS KCB 289C veered off the rear ramp aboard the MV Harambee and sank into the Indian Ocean.

They were coming from a shamba trip in Kwale.