Top 5 5 Star Hotels in Kenya

At the Kenyan coast, The Hemingways Ways Watamu beckons. It has outdoor fishing where you embark on thrilling voyages hunting for the biggest catch.

Serena Hotel Nairobi/Serena

Top 5 5 Star Hotels in Kenya


The status of Kenya as a top tourist destination in Africa is irrefutable.

Given the booming growth of tourism and hospitality sectors, you will genuinely be hard-pressed to decide which hotel is the absolute best in Kenya.

In absence of universal benchmarks for hotel ranking, we did our homework and we present to you our top 5 hotels in Kenya.



1. Villa Rosa Kempinski

    1. Vila Rosa Kempinski hotel sits along Chiromo Road in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
    2. This location is hardly a 15-minute drive from Nairobi’s Central Business District.
    3. The facility is famed for its state-of-the-art services and facilities, which could be any Kenyan’s call for an ultimate experience.
    4. The 10-floor majestic hotel boasts of over 200 accommodation rooms and suites, which are stacked alongside exotic dining sections.
    5. The following dining joints within the hotel offer the world’s best cuisines;
        1. K Lounge
        2. Café Villa Rosa
        3. Balcony Bar
        4. LUCCA (Italian restaurant)
        5. Tambourin
        6. Chinese Restaurant 88
        7. Levant-Style lounge.
    6. The most outstanding among them, internationally acclaimed Café Villa Rosa serves local and international menus to families and other groups.
    7. For conferencing and social events, Hotel Kempinski offers a Grand Ball Room which can accommodate up to 500 people. The facility is complete with sound systems and giant drop-down screens to fit its en-masse communication utilities.
    8. To cap of the heavenly Kempinski experience is the exquisite Villa Rosa Spa.
    9. Made of at least 9 treatment rooms, this is your spot for top massage, facial treatment and other enriching routines.
    10. The white gloved staff are a clear symbol of prestige, top-notch service.


Villa Rosa Kempinski/



2. Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel

    1. Widely known as The Norfolk, this facility has a rich historical background.
    2. It is credited for the pivotal role it played in development of Nairobi city.
    3. Having been built just 5 years after Nairobi became a town, it was a popular destination for international arrivals.
    4. The Norfolk has clearly consistently carried the prestigious status it had since the early 1900s.
    5. The establishment currently has 27 exotic suites and over 140 rooms.
    6. It is complemented by a serene ambience of cool tropical gardens.
    7. Probably an edge over other comparable facilities, The Norfolk provides excellent baby-sitting services, as well as laundry services.
    8. The Norfolk also has uniquely curved out dining facilities laden with the best menus.
    9. Spa services and conference facilities are also at hand, making it a top one-roof hotel facility.


Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel Guest Room/Norfolk Hotel Nairobi



3. Serena Hotels

    1. You certainly cannot mistake the Serena Hotels, with their parking lots mostly dotted with Safari Vans.
    2. The iconic Land Cruisers are usually spotted outside waiting for their traditional occupants, American and European tourists.
    3. Other than excellent Safari accommodation services, the Serena Hotels are prominent venues for conferences.
    4. History making conferences and meetings between Kenya’s political elite have taken place in various Serena establishments in Kenya.
    5. Above all, Serena Hotels have established themselves as staging areas to the best getaways and trips across the Hills and Savana of Africa.


Serena Hotel Nairobi/Serena



4. Emara Ole Sereni

    1. Emara Ole Sereni is a majestic hotel situated to the south of Nairobi Central Business District.
    2. Adjacent to the sprawling Nairobi National Park, the Emara Ole Sereni boasts of breathtaking views.
    3. You can enjoy the contrasting views of the wilderness further south and Niarobi’s Concrete Jungle to the North.
    4. The hotel has conference facilities, dining, convention center among a host of other top shelf services.
    5. Ole Sereni’s top attraction are the many suites and rooms which treat guests with the views of the city and the globally unique Nairobi National Park.
    6. In toes with Kempinski, Emara Ole Sereni also has a Giant Ball Room which can host international conferences, as well as banquets in a more intimate setting.
    7. The Emara Ole Sereni Sky Lounge is famed as one of the finest drinking establishments in the country.
    8. The Sky Lounge is basically a rooftop bar with top of the range designs to give you a coveted experience as a reveler.
    9. The ambience is intentionally sophisticated to keep the vibe flowing beyond satisfaction.


Sky Longue/Emara Ole Sereni Hotel



5. The Hemingways Watamu

    1. At the Kenyan coast, The Hemingways Ways Watamu beckons.
    2. The Hotel sits beside the beautiful shores of Watamu in Kilifi County, Kenya.
    3. The ambience of the beach residence is worth dying for, as it spells out exactly how your vacation should look like.
    4. Like a in fairy tale destination, you get to enjoy the fanciest of meals as the beach winds blow you to the highest of sensations.
    5. Hemingways Watamu has beautiful accommodation with rooms giving you a slice of the expansive Indian Ocean view.
    6. The hotel also has Spa services for your relaxation and meditation.
    7. To cap your costal getaway, Hemingways Watamu has outdoor fishing as you embark on thrilling voyages hunting for the biggest catch.



The Hemingways Ways Watamu


While you might be spoilt for choice when it comes to quality, the ultimate filter is budget.

Being high-class and prestigious in their own rights, these hotels have their own pricing for services. All of them have website online which you cannot miss on the first search. Be sure to check comparable facilities to get your perfect match!