Simple tips to wearing jewelry fashionably

Expensive pieces of matching jewelry

Simple tips to wearing jewelry fashionably

First thing that you should always remember is to keep your style intact. Don’t copy others, just learn from them. A piece of jewelry is not just meant to flaunt, it is a beautiful way to adorn yourself and it also adds up glam to your outfit.

Jewelry should always compliment your outfit and you. There should be a perfect balance. Don’t go on adding too much or too less.

Are you one of those girls who loves jewelry but does not know how to wear them? here are a few tips to get you started;

  1. Consider your neckline when wearing necklaces

Do you really need a neck piece? Sometimes your outfit is enough; there is no need to accessorize it with a necklace. Wearing a round neck piece when you are wearing a round neck shirt would be a good idea.

Always wear a necklace or neck chain when you are wearing a low cut shirt or dress. A high neck t-shirt or top can be adorned with bib necklaces or chokers because they look awesome together.

2.  Match basic T-shirts with rings

A ring can be your signature style. You can wear a basic tee and add up different kind of rings to give a funky look, and pair it up with gladiators and you are good to go.

When you are wearing rings, one thing you have to remember is that you’ll be drawing attention to your hands which means you got to have clean hands and nails.

3. Wear a denim shirt with simple yet classy necklace

Denim button-up shirts look really good but sometimes you just feel like something is missing. At such times add a statement necklace to your outfit and you’ll feel complete. Also, pop open the first button of your denim shirt.

4. Take your outfit into consideration

The outfit that we choose to wear impacts greatly on what piece of jewel or the accessories that we pick on.

if you are wearing a round neck dress or shirt, you can play around with a round necklace.

5. Don’t forget the earring

Most often we get ready in a hurry. We dress up and wear rings, necklace and bangles/ bracelet. But we forget to change our earrings.

Some people wear gold earrings or even silver ones and they don’t change them for months and years. But a pair of earrings can change your whole look. There are so many varieties of earrings ranging from studs to dangling earrings. You can opt to change them daily and it will add interest to your day to day style. You can choose earrings that suit the frame of your face, hair, and color.

6. Don’t be a fashion slave

It is good to follow trends but don’t become a slave to the trends. You’ll end up losing your own style if you just follow the trends blindly. Not to mention, it puts a dent in your pocket too.

Let the trends influence your style to a certain extent only. Always prefer your own style before trends and mix both of them up a bit but never forget your style. Just own it.