Signs that he is just lusting after you and doesn’t love you

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Signs that he is just lusting after you and doesn’t love you

There is a big difference between love and lust though most people tend to mistake lust for love.  When a person is talking their way into getting in your pants, then that’s not love.

Love is what you have for someone when their mind, heart, and soul is what you initially fell for whereas lust is what one may feel when the primary reason for attraction towards someone else is their body and the idea of getting physical with them.

It may look like love because of all the appreciation and admiration they will show you because they’re trying to woo you into getting physical with them. Love is different, love doesn’t come with unnecessary sweet talk and superficial admiration.

Here are some of the red flags that indicate that he doesn’t love you,

  1. You know nothing intimate about them

Yea it’s just as simple as that when you realize that you just know the basics about them, run for the hills.

A man who truly loves you will want to share his life with you. That doesn’t say that some things, he will tell and show you who his friends are and what makes his life spin.

So if he’s acting all cagey and protective when it comes to letting you into his world then you better move on.

  1. All he talks about is sex

There is so much to a relationship than just sex. There are better things to talk about, you can even talk about the weather, so if he’s just about getting physical then do yourself the favour and run.

If they were in love with you, they’d treat you like their significant other and not like their sex toy.

  1. Have had commitment issues in the past

Their track record reveals their problems with sticking to their commitments. They’ve moved from one partner to another like they’re changing clothes.

They’ve religiously gotten in bed with every single one of them. They’re the kind of person who has had lots of short-term relationships that they’ve casually walked out of whenever it has suited them.

A person like that is not loyal and will probably never be faithful. If he/she is with you, it’s because of the lust they can’t seem to keep in check.

  1. Only communicates when they want you to go over

Relationships are sustained with frequent communication, so when he’s never available for small talks and catching up then you got to think twice. The only time that he wants to talk it’s either about you going over or it’s just flirting.

I must add that the communication should be meaningful and not anything trashy.

  1. No resolution of fights

Relationships are not all rosy as they appear and sometimes people have arguments. So if he is the kind of man who will walk out of you whenever you fight then you got to think twice.

Fight resolutions help avoid a buildup of negative energy and a breakup, so if you are not solving your issues then he is not the man for you. Pick the pieces and move on.