Should women buy their men condoms?

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Should women buy their men condoms?

When it comes to matters condoms in the African culture, this becomes a mucky subject to talk about in public. Buying condoms in Kenya is an embarrassing affair, for both men and women. Men suffer the awkwardness that goes along with asking for a pack of rubbers more readily than women.

The reality is that people are having sex and so there is nothing evil or to be embarrassed about in walking into a pharmacy and asking for a condom. In fact, it is commendable because you want to protect yourself from diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

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Back to our story so should ladies buy their men condoms?

You see, when you pick a pack off a supermarket shelf or ask a pharmacist for some strawberry-scented, ribbed and pebbled, extra-large, glow-in-the-dark-to-the-sound-of-trumpets condoms, you’re more or less advertising to the world that you’re “going to do bad manners” as most people would say it.

Here is the deal, all that may sound like a lot of descriptive details but are important. So men should just stick to buying their own condoms whenever necessary. However, when it comes to matters protection, it should be both your responsibility. So, ladies, it doesn’t hurt if you also came to the table prepared.

If you don’t mind going to the pharmacy and purchasing a condom, then do it to protect yourself.