Is she cheating on you? How do you know?

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Is she cheating on you? How do you know?

You probably have been in a relationship with your woman and everything has been going great. recently you just noted that she’s been acting all weird and cagy and you are wondering what’s wrong.

Among the numerous that have crossed your mind is, is she cheating on you?

Here is are some of the things that if you notice in your partner, you better pay attention to them.

Being secretive with their phones

This is the most obvious one. At some point she didn’t mind you using her phone but all over sudden she has changed her passwords and she is hiding it.

Tagging the new person in her life as “just a friend”

She has met this new guy and they are hanging out a lot but whenever when you ask about it, she says they are “just friends”.

So every time you question her about the person, make sure to watch her expressions. If you see unease on her face or if she’s trying not to face you that means something fishy is there.

Asking about your routine

This question is validated for the workers who do not work from their homes, but inquiring this to a home-based worker would be senseless. She might be asking about your routine as she might be planning a secret take home while you are out.

She’s withdrawn and preoccupied with her thoughts

She’s been withdrawn from you and doesn’t pay attention to you anymore.

When you try conversing her and you observe that she is lost somewhere away from the world may be a hint that she is thinking of ways to break the relationship.