How To Do Renewal Of Driving License In Kenya Online Via eCitizen Portal

  • The process of renewing a driving license in Kenya has become more fast and easy. Now NTSA services can be accessed online at the eCitizen portal
  • eCitizen portal is a free online service that enables one to access government services and make payment online which is more safe. It is now easy to renew a Driving License via the eCitizen website

This are the few steps on how to renew your Driving License via eCitizen:

  • First you log in to the NTSA/eCitizen portal with your E-mail address( you can alternatively use your ID number) and then you write your password
  • After you’ve logged in select the option National Transport and Safety Authorization click on Submit Application, then Driving Licenses
  • You will have two options for the renewal; a three-year license renewal that will cost Ksh 1400 or a one year license at Ksh 600 and Ksh 50 additional fee to the renewal charges
  • Then you choose your mode of payment
  • Lastly you print your driving renewal license slip


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