How do you deal with earning more than your husband?

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How do you deal with earning more than your husband?

After the fall of man in the Garden of Eden (if you believe in the bible), man was tasked with one duty which was to be the provider for the woman and the family at large. This remains so even in the 21st century though some have been slacking at their job by not providing.

However, times have changed and women are earning more than their husbands. I wouldn’t bury my head in the sand and pretend that this is not happening because it is.

Many women in Kenya have been heard saying “my money is mine but his is ours”, how realistic is this saying? How do you handle your spouse if you are earning more than him?

This article is to help you know how to make life easier and not put off your spouse because you are earning more than him. By following these simple tips, you will be averting a crisis that may just still the joy from your marriage life.

Communicate openly about your finances and everything

It is wise and important to clear the air with your husband concerning the issue of you earning more than he does. This prevents conflicts in and also works to resolve any misunderstandings in your marriage.

Instead of feeling guilty when your husband makes less than you do, talk to him about it. This will also ease him of the insecurities he might have.

Take up more responsibility

As much as men are required to manage most of the responsibilities in the home, especially when it comes to bills, women can also step up to the task.

It would be unfair to let your husband take on more responsibilities when you make more than he does. This is where my money is mine and his is ours doesn’t apply.

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Develop a budget

Financial planning counts and will help you know how much you can handle and where your husband can chip in if need be. Creating a monthly budget helps to know who will be allocated what and what item will require both spouse’s participation.

Never undermine your man

Never attempt to make your husband feel inferior by letting him undertake much of the household tasks because he earns less. He is your partner and should not to be treated as though he weren’t your equal remember that he is the head of your home so ladies be wise.