Health signs and symptoms no woman should ignore

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Health signs and symptoms no woman should ignore

Female anatomy can be so complex compared to that of men. As a result of this, women are more susceptible to a lot of infections and complications.

Because of this women need to pay attention to their bodies for the slightest change that happens. This can help prevent serious issues that might come attached to the changes that we experience.

Below are some of the signs and symptoms that no lady in their right minds should never ignore.

Breast changes

It’s important to check yourself every month so that if a new lump appears, you’ll discern it as early as possible and bring it to your doctor’s attention immediately.

Always be on the look-out for any slight changes on the breasts. This ranges from the nipple shape and colour, nipple discharge, lumps that can form in the breast and even the shape.

This will help with early detection of breast cancer and to know how safe and healthy you are.


Most ladies don’t like to have their periods because of how messy and painful it can get, but it says a lot about your health which is a plus. It is okay and normal to have your monthly menstruation but this too needs to be regular. If you are having irregular periods then it’s time that you consulted your doctor.

Apart from just the menstruation blood, if you happen to spot blood in your urine and even in your poop, these might be a sign of something so serious, so you might want to get checked.

Unintentional weight loss

Many of us would be ecstatic to easily shed some kgs.  But weight loss that is non-intentional, meaning without you making an effort to lose the weight through diet and exercise, can be concerning.

If you notice this it is important that you find out why you are drastically losing weight without even trying to.


So you haven’t had a long day or you have just woken up and you are already tired, this isn’t a good sign for you. Women can lead busy, stressful lives, rendering us quite susceptible to fatigue.  Although a vague and common symptom, it can be a sign of something more serious.

Fatigue can be a symptom of thyroid gland disease, leukaemia and anaemia, so you shouldn’t ignore these signs and symptoms.