7 Mistakes ladies make with their underwear’s

7 Mistakes ladies make with their underwear’s

As a person I have this saying that goes as “your innerwear should be as good as your outer clothes such that if someone asks you to dress down, you are not embarrassed by what’s underneath”.

As a woman, your overall look is greatly affected by your innerwear. As a result of this, you need to pay close attention to what you purchase and how you pair it with your dress of choice. Apart from that investing in proper lingerie will also save you a great deal.

However, there are some grievous mistakes that no lady should make when it comes to innerwear’s choice, unfortunately, it has been happening. Here we are to try to help you to move away from those issues by highlighting them.

  1. Wearing synthetic material

We all love those super cute lace pants. Unfortunately, they are not the best as the rough material can be hard on your skin and cause skin irritation. Synthetic material like polyester hold and trap heat, moisture and bacteria which puts you at risk of infections and UTI’S.

It’s best to wear pants made from cotton since they absorb and wick moisture away from the skin.

  1. Wearing tight underwear

Wearing tight underwear hinders proper blood circulation which can cause numbness on the groin area. Therefore, your tissues will not get enough oxygen through blood flow and this can cause tissue death.

Underwear that is too tight can cause moisture to be trapped, possibly leading to yeast infection. It’s probably best not to size down when picking out your undergarments from now on.

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  1. Wearing thong

As much as they are sexy, they are neither the best nor the healthiest as they cause friction which could spread colonic bacteria into the urethra and uterus. This, therefore, causes inflammatory diseases.

For the thong lovers, it is advisable to buy cotton material that fits well, change them regularly and not to sleep in them

  1. Showing underwear seam lines

This is the most common one among ladies. You find this nice lady, wearing a pretty dress but the downside is that the panty seems are showing.

The solution to this challenge is to have a set of seamless panties in your wardrobe to help avert the crisis.

  1. Do not use scented detergent

The smell of fresh laundry can be very enticing but scented detergents can be very detrimental to your health as they contain chemicals. These chemicals can alter the PH balance of the vagina, skin irritation and rashes.

  1. Not changing your panty after work out

Make sure you always have a pair of fresh undies in your gym bag. Change the sweaty pair immediately for clean ones after work out. Moist, warm areas can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi so change them out as soon as you are done your workout.