5 ways to keep your pantry organized

Container for food stuff storage.

5 ways to keep your pantry organized

Keeping your pantry clean and organized should not be a hard task to do. Some people might reason that they require a lot of space for that to happen but ideally you make use of what you have.

Below are some tips that you can apply to help you keep an organized pantry.

  1. Invest in clear containers and labels

Always invest in clear containers and labels. This makes work easier because everything is compacted into one thing. If you having lentils you can store them in containers and label them.

This makes identification and storage easy.

2. Always spend time and clean your pantry

Spend time cleaning your pantry. There is no way that you want an organized pantry but you don’t want to clean it up.

Through cleaning you get to remove all the expired products that you may have and even clutter.

3. Take inventory of everything in your pantry and the quantity

Always take stock of what you have in your pantry and there quantity. This comes in handy when you go shopping for items as you will know what you have and doesn’t.

This prevents food spoilage and some items getting expired in the pantry

4. Invest in sheet pan for the same items

Buy sheet pans and baskets to hold like objects. these could be spices or tiny products that are used together in a process.

The beauty of this is that it prevents everything from being scattered around the pantry. allocation of these objects also becomes easy.

5. Assess your pantry on a weekly or monthly

This will depend on how frequent you do your shopping. Its important because you get to know what needs to be added and also it can give you ideas on planning for your meals.

This because you will go for what is available in your pantry.