5 Types of women men go crazy over

5 Types of women men go crazy over

Every woman at some point wonders what a man wants in a woman. What is the secret to attraction and magnetism?

Men are sexual by nature and even the “Nice Guys” among us will have a difficult time saying no to a pretty face. Getting a man to fall in love with you, never want to leave you and do the unthinkable and forsake all others just to be with you, that’s a careful balancing act.

How does a woman manage to captivate a man’s attention while not falling to the hole of neediness?

It can be very complex to explain the range of emotions involved here, but let’s keep it simple. How about we just list five “types” of women that men always manage to fall in love with? Better yet, let’s give them some memorable nicknames.

  1. Principled and high-value woman

People value what is not easily given or gotten. We know this, anything that we work for has a high-value.

This happens in all aspects of life and is especially important in relationships. Being a high-value woman means her time and attention is not given to anyone who is not worth it. This forces men to bring their A-game which is necessary to win her over.

Having principles and standards that she lives her life by. No matter what those standards are she verbalizes them in a way that gets your point across while still being nice.

  1. The confident woman

Confidence is very sexy and powerful and this makes anyone that is confident very attractive. Confident people know their worth and do not need someone else’s approval, they get their validation from themselves.

  1. Problem-solving woman

She doesn’t wait for her man to make all the decisions for her. For you to be this woman, you must know what you want in this life.

By having an idea what your life should look like, you also will have or try to provide solutions to the challenges you might face.

  1. Good girl in public but sexy

How you act, your body language and facial expressions. How you carry yourself and the confidence that you project.

The way you are look and dress are also part of the package. All of these things create a complete picture that you show to the world.

Apart from the physique, you need to up your game when it comes to bedroom matter, this will make the guy fall for you.

  1. Respectful woman

Every man do look forward to having a supportive and respectful woman by him. Always remember that men’s ego is everything to them.

By respecting him, you are boosting his ego hence making him a happy and productive man.