5 Simple ways to keep your room tidy

A neat and tidy bedroom

5 Simple ways to keep your room tidy

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. The place where you go to rest and recover from the day’s stress and busyness.

We race into and out of our bedrooms, hurrying to get ready in the morning. Changing our clothes real quick after work before we’re onto the next thing.

Dumping things we’re sure we’ll take care of later. But never do.

What if we could walk into our room, and look around with ease and like what we see?

We’d sleep better, and have more pride and comfort when getting ready in the morning or going to bed.

Here are a few tips to make your room looking tidy and clean.


Making your bed can transform the look of your bedroom. This is something that you can do in less than 5minutes.

You can even do it while brushing your teeth, or while your facial serum soaks in.

For such minimal effort, it packs a big punch when making your bedroom look tidier.


Cluttered surfaces are a sure way to make your small bedroom look disorganized.

You don’t have the 800 square foot closet so most of the things that you have tend to end up on the open surfaces. Make use of available storage to provide a home to your items.

If you can keep the surfaces clear, your room will look cleaner and more organized.


The reason your bedroom looks messy might be because most of your belongings are homeless.

You don’t know where to put them, so top of Dresser becomes their home. But when you give every item a place to belong, then you are sure to have a tidy bedroom.

Finding everything a home makes cleaning easier because you’ll be having enough space to move around with ease.


I hate to break it to you, but you probably have too much stuff. Don’t worry, it happens to most people, and there’s a simple solution.

You have to routinely go through the contents of your bedroom, and get rid of some things. You can always donate some of the things that you don’t need. This will help you get rid of the too many things that you are holding on to.


You can do everything but it won’t make a difference when your bedroom is dirty. Make an appointment to clean and dust your room for your comfort.