5 signs that you are in a toxic relationship

Couple after a fight sitting on bench

5 signs that you are in a toxic relationship

We love and love sends us to lofty heights that we never want to get down from but the same heart that sends us into a loved up euphoria can trip us up and have us fall into something more toxic.

Relationships do evolve, they grow and change. Sometimes they crush and even burn. So we may want great relationships but the people that we are with or even you as the individual can be toxic hence you end up hurting other people.

Below are some of the signs that can help you know if you are in a toxic relationship.

  1. Physical and verbal abuse

When your relationship gets physical like you get beaten up by your partner or even abused verbally, then that’s a clear indication of a toxic relationship.

Verbal abuse is just as bad as the physical abuse. this is because verbal abuse can destroy somebody’s self esteem.

2. Passive aggressive behaviour

This is when get to talk about or solve anything and if an effort is made to, a response like “whatever” is given. This doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

Most of the times, anger is always disguised as indifference which ends up destroying most of the relationships.

3. Nothing gets resolved

In relationships couples need to talk out their problems and make sure that they have solved it all out. This helps them move on to more important things and also avoid unnecessary quarrels.

4. Dishonesty

Honesty in relationships helps to build trust in a relationship. A relationship without trust is considered as a failed relationship.

So when you or your partner starts to be dishonest, then you are preparing yourselves for a failed relationship.

5. Your opinion is not valued in the relationship

When your partner makes all the important decisions without involving you, then you got to think twice.

Truth be told, relationships are partnerships and not a mans show, so its only fair if all parties are included in making all the important decision.