5 Habits that are doing more harm than good to your hair

An African healthy hair photo/pinterest

5 Habits that are doing more harm than good to your hair

There is nothing as beautiful as having a bouncy, healthy African hair. the African hair tends to have more curls compared to our sisters from Europe.

You may be wondering about what it take to have that healthy hair? because of the nature of our hair, we need to always keep it moist, oiled and handled with care.

However, there are some practices that we have been keeping up with that actually does more damage. You should protect your mane and you can choose to flaunt it on special occasions.

Here are some of the habits that you should desist from to give your mane a healthy and beautiful look;

  1. Applying to much heat to the hair

Desist from applying a lot of heat to the hair. Too much heat destroys the curly pattern of the hair.

This then exposes the hair to a lot of breaking and strains the scalp. So show some love to your hair.

2. Not hydrating the hair

This should be a religious routine for anyone with the African hair. Hydrating your hair keeps it moisturized. This prevents premature breakage.

Moisturized hair is easier to detangle as the moisture content makes it more elastic.

so keep it moist and oiled.

3. Not washing your hair

There is a funny belief that not washing your hair makes it grow longer. This is a big lie as dirt makes your hair follicle fight their way to grow.

Greasy and dirt clogs the hair follicle hence hindering growth.

4. Not trimming the hair

Cutting your hair can be a scary affair but leaving you hair untrimmed, does more damage.

This leaves the damaged/split ends to travel up the healthy strands, causing more damage. to control this, you need to trim the ends whenever you notice split.

5. Using sulphate shampoo

Most of these shampoos are meant for people with straight hair, so when applied to the natural hair, it strips it off all the natural oils.

When the hair is stripped of its natural oils, it makes the hair dry hence exposing it to breakage. this is something that can be avoided by getting the right kind of shampoo.