5 Causes of armpit rashes that you didn’t know about

5 Causes of armpit rashes that you didn’t know about

Being a full-grown woman comes with its crazy packs but that doesn’t mean that we can’t handle it with grace.

Have you ever tried to hold your hands over your head or tried to put on that sleeveless top then realised that you cant because of bushy/ hairy armpits?

Guess you’ve been down that road before. For this reason, most women have to keep shaving, waxing and to the extreme cases laser the armpit to remove the hair.

However, this comes with its own challenges like ingrown hair and armpit rushes which can get really itchy hence create discomfort.

Armpit rashes can be caused by various reasons, some which may include;

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Irritation from contact

These types of rashes occur as a result of reactive contact. You might have used a deodorant or antiperspirant for a long time and you start to notice that the skin on your armpit is starting to get irritated.

Another type of contact rash can also occur from friction. If you are used to wearing tight shirts and tops made of synthetic materials, chances are that your armpits will react by darkening and forming rashes at one point.

Environmental causes

Heat rash is one of the most common types of rashes that affect the armpits. The combination of heat and sweat breeds an environment for rashes to form.


  • Bacterial rashes

These types of rashes thrive as a result of bacterial overgrowth. Certain types of bacteria thrive in damp environments thus causing rashes to form on the layers of the skin and in the folds as well.

  • Fungal rashes

Similar to bacterial rashes, there are also types of fungal rashes that cause irritation of the armpits. Some fungi like the ringworms and candida cause the skin on the armpits to become red and irritated.

Underlying conditions

At times, the formation of rashes on the armpits can be as a result of conditions like diabetes, eczema, cancer and some hormonal changes.

Also, when your body is under a lot of stress, rashes can start appearing on the armpits. These are some of the underlying conditions that can cause these types of rashes and for this reason, it may be a good idea to visit a skin expert especially if they keep recurring.