4 Things to do to attract that hot crush


4 Things to do to attract that hot crush

One of the most wonderful things about women is how naturally caring they are. They, however, have had long historical difficulties in making suggestive moves once they positively identify potential lovers. This is largely in part due to the social stigma attached to characters of women who boldly make moves to make their point to hot catches. As the adage goes, modern problems require modern solutions, we have put together for you simple strategies to drive the point home without necessarily looking or sounding loose.

Spend time with him

Spending time together exposes you to each other, you get to know a thing or two about each other.

You will never get attention from your crush by locking yourself up in the house. Go out there and interact, let him know that you exist and that he can count on you.

A genuine smile

Men do find ladies who smile often to be attractive and approachable. So whenever you are around him, flush a smile at them.

When an individual smiles, it indicates that you are happy and happiness influences the attractiveness of a person.

Maintain eye contact

The eyes are the window to the soul. Whenever you are speaking to your crush strive to maintain eye contact with them. This makes you come off as a confident person rather than shy and reserved.

In a study conducted in the country, research shows that eye contact leads to attraction, so there goes the secret.

Let him invest in you

By investing this is what I mean. Let the guy chase you. This is where playing hard to get comes in handy.

No guy will value anything that is just handed to them, that’s inclusive of relationships. So let him chase but don’t prolong it because he will also get bored.

Hope these tips will be useful to you in getting your crush.