4 Safety tips for online dating

4 Safety tips for online dating

Let’s face the truth, we live in an era where most people are tech-savvy. As a result of this, people tend to spend most of their time on the internet hence end up forming relationships and friendships from the online community.

well, there is nothing wrong with that but at every step of the way, one needs to be careful with whatever they put out there. Just recently, a man was conned off some good amount of money by a lady that he had met on an online platform. How do you protect yourself from such issues?

Here are some precautionary measures that you can take to keep yourself safe.

Verify all the information about the person

When you start talking to a new person online, it is important to verify whether they are the real person. This can be done by either checking them out for mutual friends or by just googling them out.

If you notice that all the accounts that your alleged friend is using are all-new, then that should be a red flag for you, so take care.

Photographs and videos can be deceptive

You have just met this amazing person and you have probably exchanged a few photos of one another but that’s not enough.

Always request for a video call where you can see each other clearly and the quality should be top-notch. This can be easily achieved through a simple WhatsApp video call, face timers, skype and the likes.

If you notice that you can’t see the other party or every time that they call its really dark then you might just be wasting your time on a stranger.

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Don’t share sensitive information until you can trust them

As exciting as it can get never share sensitive information with a person that you just met online. This includes things like where you live, work, personal pins like Atm card pins.

Don’t send nude images of yourself to them. Once you have sent such an image to them, it is entirely out of your control and can be passed on to others

As much as you feel that you have met the right person its important to trade carefully.

When its time to meet, do so in a public place in broad daylight

You have been conversing online for quite some time now and you want to meet for the first time. When you are meeting for the first time please do so in a public place and in broad daylight, not at night. You can also tell a friend that you trust on your whereabouts and who you are meeting.