Woman jailed for obstruction of justice

Person behind bars for defiling a minor

Woman jailed for obstruction of justice

A woman in Homa- Bay county has been sentenced to a 3 year jail sentence by Magistrate Mary Ochieng.

The woman is said to have prevented her daughter ,14, who was defiled from testifying against the perpetrator, therefore denying her justice.

The woman organized for the daughter to be transported from Homa-Bay county to Kitui county. This coincided with the date when the daughter was supposed to appear in court.

This was considered as interfering with the court case.

The court found the woman guilty of denying the daughter justice and conspiring with the perpetrator.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges before Magistrate Mary but she was still handed the sentence despite her plea for leniency.

The magistrate asked to appeal against the court verdict within 14 days if she wasn’t satisfied with the ruling.