Why Kenya Power staff will not enjoy afternoon tea anymore

No more afternoon tea at Kenya Power. [Photo/howto.co.ke]

Why Kenya Power staff will not enjoy afternoon tea anymore

The economic crunch has visited the sole electricity distributing company in Kenya, Kenya Power leading to a host of cost-cutting measures.

From December 1, 2019, Kenya Power staff will wave goodbye to their precious afternoon tea in a move geared towards reducing cost.

“Management continues to implement a raft of measures to manage various costs addresses are hereby notified that the provision of afternoon tea services shall be suspended,” Acting general manager David Monandi said.

According to the top management, the directive will help the company improve its business fortunes.

Also emphasizing on the matter, Kenya Power Managing Director Bernard Ngugi said an upsurge in staff cost has been witnessed in the company in areas such as overtime travel and hence the move to push out afternoon tea.

“These costs have reached unsustainable levels ultimately affecting our bottom line and threatening the sustainability of the business,” Ngugi said.

Ngugi also urged Kenya Power staff to rethink their commitment to the company, since some clock in late and leave the office earlier than expected of them.