Top celebrities call out Huddah Monroe over plus size women remarks


For the past few days, socialite Huddah Monroe has been on the receiving end over her perceived comments on body sizes.

Dust is yet to settle down, after attracting the wrath of Kenyans on twitter (KOT). Fellow celebrities have come out to lecture Ms. Monroe over her mean comments.

An angered Neomi Ng’a Ng’a took to her Instagram page to condemn Monroe’s opinion.

“God knows why we human beings do not have it all. I reckon it’s so we can compliment, complete and appreciate each other. . . Don’t you have a more acceptable and civil way of expressing or sharing your opinions without insulting? You claim to empower youth, are you now going to filter by size?”

TV presenter Amina Abdi echoed Neomi’s statement.

“It’s unacceptable Neomi. I completely agree. More love, less hate”

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While Saumu Mbuvi had this to say; “Don’t mind them..they survive on editing and photoshop to fake perfection and when they see a woman embracing her beauty every comfortable in her skin or size …they are their own enemy.”

Catherine Kamau went on to encourage young ladies to love and appreciate themselves for who they are.

“Sis you are beautiful in any shape, size, form or color ! As you strive to become the best version of yourself, please remember no one will ever be YOU ! And that is your POWER! Also Hurt people, Hurt other people! So Chin up My fluffy Queens ! @zaroncosmetics a brand that values and respects ALL women! Thank you for your support Kenyan zaronistas,” she said.

Popular comedian Teacher Wanjiku also voiced her sentiments over the matter. She urged newsmakers to make good use of their platforms, to mold and shape others instead of bringing them down.

Teacher Wanjiku

“I honestly do feel in this day and age, people should be let to decide what to do with their bodies, let us learn how to use kind words when expressing an opinion, knowledge is power, ignorance is a disease! Let us use our platform to inspire and encourage, My fitness journey is not yours, if you are comfortable in your own skin, who am i to say otherwise, na muwachane na kihara yangu”