Kaligraph Jones responds to viral video threatening to beat up DJ


Kenyan rapper Kaligraph Jones has issued a statement on the viral video of him threatening to beat up a DJ at a Nairobi event.

Taking to his Instagram account the rapper allege that the DJ kept provoking him by playing irritating sounds in the middle of his performance.

“When you are on stage performing and the Dj starts scratching while dropping his name tag after every 5 seconds and playing those irritating siren sounds that keep throwing you off in The middle of your performance, “BUDA ACHA UJINGA” The OG shall be respected,” read the post.

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The statement comes hours after a viral video surfaced online of him threatening to square it off with an alleged DJ.

In the viral clip uploaded by one Nairobi gossip club, an angry Jones is seen performing, then all of a sudden stops midway to address the DJ.

DJ…DJ…ntakuchapa wewe, unafanya nini? Staki mchezo hapo wewe…ebu anzisha hiyo ngoma tena, na ukiharibu tunakuchapa sai vibaya sana…”