How to use your Flex Bundles

About Flex

FLEX Bundles is the all-new flexible way to browse, call and SMS easily and conveniently with only 1 bundle. FLEX Units also offer you more value every time you send money using M-PESA.

To subscribe, use your airtime to purchase FLEX Bundles by dialling *100# or *200#. The Flex units may then be used for data, local voice and local SMS

Get more with FLEX

Get up to 35% more value with the flexibility to use your FLEX Bundles between data, voice and SMS. What’s more, for every chargeable M-PESA ‘send money’ transaction, you will get 3 free FLEX Units. This means you can now use them to make more calls, browse more online or send more SMS’.


Choose your FLEX Bundle Plan

There are six types of Flex Bundle plans to choose from:

FLEX Bundle Plan Price (KSHs.) No. FLEX Units Validity (with auto-renewal)
Daily 50 50 50 24 Hours
Daily 99 99 115 24 Hours
Weekly 599 599 700 7 Days
Monthly 999 999 1,100 30 Days
Monthly 1,999 1,999 2,700 30 Days
Monthly 2,499 2,499 3,500 30 Days


How to use your FLEX Bundles

Flex Bundles have Flex Units that will be used for data, voice and SMS at the rates below:

  • 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3MBs when browsing the internet
  • 3 FLEX Units are equivalent to a minute or 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 20 Sec talk time when calling
  • 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3 SMS’s when texting