How to use the Emergency Operation Center System (EOC System) from the Ministry of Health, Kenya


Emergency Operation Center System (EOC System)

The EOC is a system developed for the Emergency Operation Center of the Kenya Ministry of Health, Department of Disease Surveillance and Response Unit. The system aggregates the data collected both for immediately disease reportable conditions and public health events from DHIS2 and provide a channel that alerts the relevant authorities for response. The system also allow input of other disease and public health events from any other relevant data source, including the daily EOC call registers, live news channels, newspapers, the internet and social media.


  1. Avail data from DHIS2 and other relevant data sources to the EOC in almost real time and in an easy format to analyze the disease patterns and be able to make interventions and take timely action to counter reported diseases and public health events
  2. To send early notifications to the focal people in case of any outbreak for action to be taken within the required time.

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