How to Travel safe with SafeBoda

How to Travel safe with SafeBoda
How to Travel safe with SafeBoda

How to Travel safe with SafeBoda

About Safeboda

SafeBoda is a community of entrepreneurs and Boda drivers working together to improve professional standards across the urban transportation industry in Africa. Our aim is to improve the industry for both drivers and passengers by increasing the number of safe trips taken per day and by making travel around cities convenient and stress-free

You can download the SafeBoda Application from Google Play Store or App Store

How it Works

  1. Type your destination
  2. Get a fair price without bargaining
  3. Top up your wallet and ride cashless
  4. Pay with cash or credit and rate your driver

SafeBoda does not provide transportation services, and SafeBoda is not a transportation carrier. It is up to the driver to decide whether or not to offer a ride to a User contacted through the SafeBoda Application, and it is up the User to decide whether or not to accept a ride from any driver contacted through the SafeBoda Application.

Any decision by a User to accept transportation once such User is matched through the SafeBoda Application is a decision made in such User’s sole discretion. SafeBoda offers information and a method to connect SafeBoda drivers and Users with each other, but does not and does not intend to provide transportation services or act in any manner as a transportation carrier, and has no responsibility or liability for any transportation services voluntarily provided to any User by any driver using the the SafeBoda application.